Samsung's processing leap was corporate espionage
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CommonWealth claims

A magazine claims that Samsung’s leapfrog over TSMC to become the 14nm provider of choice is as a direct result of corporate spying. 

Self driving cars could save the age
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Boost the economy

Self-driving cars could be the sort of thing that pushes the US economy out of its rut. according to a new study by McKinsey & Company. 

German outfit signs up for non-existent Apple car
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Hype now officially silly

The hype around Apple's nonexistent driverless car has reached a point where a German company has even offered to help Jobs' Mob build it. 

EA closes iconic Sim studio
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Maxis Emeryville is no more

Electronics Arts has closed the group responsible for SimCity, Spore and The Sims. 

Xiaomi launches Mi store in Europe
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But no phones

Xiaomi has confirmed plans to launch a Mi store in Europe, although it won’t be flogging phones yet.

Tame Apple Press claims Jobs Mob have killed Samsung
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What a difference a percentage point makes

The Tame Apple Press had a Nintendo in its trousers when Gartner released figures showing Apple sold the most number of smartphones globally in the fourth quarter, overtaking Samsung for the first time since 2011.

Steve Jobs shattered his most famous quote
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Don’t follow your passion

Steve Jobs was famous for his coffee mug philosophies on life and one of the most quoted was the phrase “follow your passion.”

Vulkan nerve pinches DirectX in mobile
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Live long and render

While it seems that the world+dog is rushing to back Microsoft's new DirectX API there are ructions in the force which have opened the way for a new rival. 

Nvidia fixes old Linux bug
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Unity patch

Nvidia has fixed an ancient problem in Ubuntu systems which turned the screen into 40 shades of black. 

Apple fixes a flaw in Macs in just a week
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Must be a record

A flaw in Apple Macs is so bad that Apple did not have time to go through its normal ritual of ignoring it and pretending it only effects a small number of users.