Texas Instruments profit rises thanks to cars
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Four wheeled industry saviours

Texas Instruments appears to have done rather well thanks to a growing demand for chips from the car industry.

Wikileaks slams Google for grassing it up to the NSA
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Should not have handed over details

Wikileaks is furious that the search engine Google handed over details of its emails to US spooks.

Ubisoft makes players pay for dodgy resellers
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Keys deactivated

Ubisoft is deactivating software keys it believes were "fraudulently" obtained and resold via third-party websites.

Intel shows off i7 NUC
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27 January 2015

Intel shows off i7 NUC

Broadwell under the bonnet

Chipzilla has updated with details of the upcoming Broadwell based i7 NUC.

Saudi women revolt over Twitter ban
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Ends badly

An attempt by backward misogynistic Saudi men to ban women from Twitter appears to have backfired.

IBM chops a quarter of its workforce
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Largest layoff ever

Biggish Blue is about to embark on the largest jobs cull in corporate history and fire more than 111,000 of its suited staff this week.

Spartan must begin with the letter E
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Needs a new name

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth rumour that Microsoft is looking for a new name for its Project Spartan browser.

New keyboard knows who you are
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Never forgets who spilt coffee on its front

Boffins at the Georgia Institute of Technology have emerged from their smoke filled labs with an intelligent keyboard which cleans itself and can identify users by the pattern and style of their fingertips and keystrokes.

Why did social networking get the works?
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That's nobody's business but the Turks 

The Turkish government has moved to do what terrorists could not do and ban social notworking pages which it thinks insult the Prophet Mohammed.


O2 flogged to Hutchison Whampoa
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Sold to  Li Ka-shing, in Chinese takeaway 

Hong Kong outfit Hutchison Whampoa has written a cheque for Telefonica's British mobile unit O2 for $15.4 billion in what is seen as a consolidation of Britain's telecoms industry.