Apple fanboy nearly gunned down
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Blames Canada for losing chance of Darwin award

An Apple fanboy can thank the fact that he was not living in the US and black as a reason why he was not gunned down by police.

All roads lead Acer to Chrome
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Revenues tank

Acer saw a 30 per cent drop in July revenues, but is keeping itself from being killed off with a success with Chrome OS products

AMD waves its graphics core next roadmap
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Optimism or misty optics?

AMD has been waving about its graphics core next [GCN] roadmap despite admitting it is having difficulty due to lowering the research and development budget.

Samsung releases super-fast SSDs
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Enterprise only

Samsung has released three TCO-optimised, high-performance solid state drives which are based on 3D Vertical NAND flash memory technology.

Microsoft experiences its patch nightmare
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Pants patches 

When Microsoft said that it would force feed its security patches to Windows 10 users there were a few naysayers who suggested that this would be a bad idea.

Android users are more loyal than Apple fanboys
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We were surprised 

There is a myth in the Apple cult that once you buy one of its shiny toys you will be a dedicated follower for the rest of your miserable life. However a new statistic suggests that is not quite, but completely untrue.

Apple exterminates plans for a cheap iPhone
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We didnt get where we are today by making things affordable

Apple is about to spike plans to make a cheaper, plastic iPhone 6C.

Apple kisses good-bye to China sales
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Let's make ourselves more expensive

Fruity cargo cult Apple has been telling the world and its dog that it will stop its falling iPhone sales by expanding into China.

Don't upgrade to Windows 10 warns Sony
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Still half baked. 

Sony has warned owners of its Vaio systems not to upgrade to Windows 10 yet.

Skylake-U leaked
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12 August 2015

Skylake-U leaked

Intel 6th core U-processor lineup

Some  exclusive slides which appear to reveal the Intel 6th core U-processor lineup, AKA Skylake-U have tipped up on the world wide wibble.