Don't overclock Intel's Core i7-7700K
Published in Processors

If you wanted overclocking your should have bought AMD

Chipzilla has warned that those people who shelled out Core i7-7700K expecting that they could overclock it to sling their hook and just admire it in its pristine glory.

UK about to go mental with Internet laws
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End to encryption and a porn licence

The UK government is planning to enact a daft batch of Internet reform which will require people to register at the post office if they want to access porn sites.

China crisis hits Apple
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Seeds of doom

The tax-dodging Fruity Cargo Cult Apple once bet the farm on China and is now having to eat its words.

Dell says gaming PCs are doing well
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Better than ordinary PCs

Grey box shifter Dell said that global demand for gaming PCs is heating up and the boom will continue over the next five years.

Cloudflare is protecting hate sites
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Investigative hacks find pirates are not the only ones protected

Cloudflare is one of the most popular web platforms for hate sites, according to a site dedicated to investigative journalism.

AACS 2.0 encryption cracked by Smurfs
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Not GNOMES or elves

Smurfs have made a mockery of the AACS 2.0 encryption used to protect UHD Blu-ray disks.

Intel hatches a new clutch of Xeons
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Based around Skylake-SP

Intel unveiled information regarding a new Xeon processor family, some of which use the Skylake-SP architecture.

Oculus shuts VR content production studio
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Not a good sign

Facebook virtual reality content production unit, Oculus' Story Studio, is shutting.

Buffet finally gives up on Big Blue
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Sells a third of his shares

After years of justifying a big investment in IBM, Warren Buffet has finally flogged off a third of his shares.

Microsoft thinks the smartphone is toast
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People are just not aware of it yet

After missing the smartphone boom, Microsoft is gearing itself to be at the forefront of the next one and is saying that the technology pioneered and propped up by Apple is doomed.