Tame Apple Press claims Jobs Mob have killed Samsung
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What a difference a percentage point makes

The Tame Apple Press had a Nintendo in its trousers when Gartner released figures showing Apple sold the most number of smartphones globally in the fourth quarter, overtaking Samsung for the first time since 2011.

Steve Jobs shattered his most famous quote
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Don’t follow your passion

Steve Jobs was famous for his coffee mug philosophies on life and one of the most quoted was the phrase “follow your passion.”

Vulkan nerve pinches DirectX in mobile
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Live long and render

While it seems that the world+dog is rushing to back Microsoft's new DirectX API there are ructions in the force which have opened the way for a new rival. 

Nvidia fixes old Linux bug
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Unity patch

Nvidia has fixed an ancient problem in Ubuntu systems which turned the screen into 40 shades of black. 

Apple fixes a flaw in Macs in just a week
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Must be a record

A flaw in Apple Macs is so bad that Apple did not have time to go through its normal ritual of ignoring it and pretending it only effects a small number of users. 

Blackberry starts shipping phones again
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Looking before they leap

BlackBerry has announced a new mid-range handset, called Leap, and revealed an upcoming slider phone, which CEO John Chen referred to as “The Slider”. 

Paypal enters the payment market
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All that experience...

Paypal is entering the online payments market and is taking on those in the Tame Apple Press who are trying to carve out a niche for their favorite toymaker.

Lenovo tries its hand at a camera phone
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Sounds like a sex toy

Lenovo is showing off its first serious moves into making a camera phone.

Intel and Microsoft team up on mobile
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Two also rans also run

The two also rans in the mobile race, Intel and Microsoft are teaming up to improve their market position.

Apple Pay increases fraud
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The price of trusting Jobs' Mob security

Apple's security, which is about as effective as the guards in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, is suddenly finding itself in trouble when dealing with people's finances.