Apple orders White House not to abandon Paris Accord
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It's like Apples and Oranges

The Grand Mufti of the fruity cargo-cult Apple, Tim Cook has been on the blower to the US President to tell him not to duck out of the Paris climate accord.

Microsoft man tests huge plane
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Rocket man

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has shared a snap of his Stratolaunch airplane—the largest in the world.

Dell shows off new all-in-one
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And one for all

Dell has been showing off its VR-ready all-in-one PC powered by AMD's Ryzen.

PC market could start growing again in 2019
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Latest prediction from IDC

Divination experts from IDC have been shuffling their Tarot cards and consulting the entrails of a particularly annoying toddler and reached the conclusion that the PC market will start growing again in 2019.

Windows XP was not especially vulnerable to Wannacry
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Windows 7 machines might have been the problem

Windows XP was not as vulnerable to the WannaCry ransomware as many assumed.

Last Japanese PlayStation 3 shipped
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End of an era

After 11 years in the shops, Sony has dispatched its last PS3 to Japanese retailers.

Uber self-driven to fire Levandowski
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Our tech is independent

Uber has fired Anthony Levandowski, the star engineer who has been accused by Google of stealing trade secrets about self-driving cars and giving it to Uber.

Supremes wallop expensive printer ink model
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If you bought it you can do what you like

The US Supreme Court has buried a long running move by printer ink companies which stopped people refilling their own cartridges.

Intel announces Skylake X
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Parties like its $999

Intel has announced its new Skylake-X with ten cores to play with for a price tag of $999.

Woz admits Apple’s innovation days are over
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It is too big to do anything useful

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has said that Apple’s days of coming up with anything are gone.