Lenovo looks to be the king of MWC
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Leaks show something rather nice

Leaks from China show that HTC and Samsung may not be the belles of the next Mobile World Congress.

Nvidia mobile G-Sync will work without new hardware
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Laptops will be cooler

Nvidia's G-Sync technology, which synchronizes frame refresh times with the refresh rate of a compatible monitor, it comes at a price, though, because G-Sync only works with monitors have special hardware.

Tablet fad continues to die
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Game changer... yeah right

The keyboardless netbooks once touted by the Tame Apple Press as game changing, continue their death spiral of doom as the fad dries up.

Lenovo has better than expected results
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Surprises Wall Street

The cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street have been seen clutching the holes where their hearts should be after Lenovo defied their will and made more money than they expected.

Real skier takes on virtual reality gamers
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Only one will get frostbite

A professional skier will battle against two online gamers in the world's first interactive 'mixed reality' downhill ski race using technology pioneered by European researchers.

Plextor releases smart caching software
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PlexTurbo provides support for SSDs

Plextor has released its smart caching software, PlexTurbo, which adds support for additional solid-state drives.

Pirate Bay running
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02 February 2015

Pirate Bay running

You can't keep a good pirate down

Pirate Bay is up and running again after having been down for seven weeks since a December police raid by Swedish coppers.

Raspberry Pi kicks up a notch
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New BCM2836 chip

The new Raspberry Pi 2 model B is out and, thanks to a new BCM2836 chip, is heading towards becoming jolly useful.

Gamergate takes darker turn
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The nutters with guns have taken over

An armed #gamergate proponent Jace Connors posted a YouTube movie  of himself screaming unintelligibly at a flipped-over Prius on the side of the highway, trying to kick in its windshield.

Swedish company installs mark of the beast in workers
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Better than ID companies

 From the land which makes flat pack furniture, whose instructions defy the laws of physics, Sweden, comes the news that a new office block is implanting the workers inside of it with computer chips under their skin, instead of issuing them with ID cards.