Windows XP will not die
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People are installing it

After a slump in the use of Windows XP, it appears that some daft people are re-installing it, even as they walk away from Windows 7.

Canadian coppers find mega child porn network
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1.2 petabytes of data

Canadian police say they’ve uncovered a massive online file sharing network made up of 1.2 petabytes of data—more than four times the amount of data in the US Library of Co?ngress.

SanDisk releases 200GB MicroSD
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Just in time for Samsung to drop microSD support

SanDisk unveiled a new microSD memory card. It remarkably holds 200GB on a tiny, yet fast microSD card. 

Samsung sorts out its apps
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Microsoft included
Samsung has carried out its purge of in-house apps on the Galaxy S6 and included some of Microsoft's software. Both the S6 and S6 edge will ship with a "Microsoft Apps" folder that currently includes OneDrive, OneNote and Skype. 
NXP buys Freescale
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02 March 2015

NXP buys Freescale

All your Internet of Things are belong to us

In a major shake-up of the mobile chip industry NXP and Freescale are to merge thus taking control of the mobile and automotive chip industry. 

Lenovo releases new tablets
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Budget friendly A series

Lenovo has released three budget friendly A series tablets. The gear which was shown off at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona includes three new Android and Windows flavoured tablets.

Android for the paranoid is secure
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Blackphone owned by Silent Circle

The BlackPhone encrypted Android handset is now fully owned by Silent Circle thanks to the company raking in investment cash. 

Ikea makes furniture you can talk to
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Just can't assemble

The maker of flat-pack furniture which is often assembled with a hammer rather than an allen key, has come up with intelligent furniture. 

Nokia claims it is business as usual
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Ignore the rumours

A dark satanic rumour which suggests that Nokia might have something more toxic in its results is complete pants according to the outfit. 

Motherboard leak reveals Skylake
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Well a bit of it

A leak of the spec of a motherboard has provided us with a few ideas about Intel's coming Skylake chip.