Socialist China about to have a Sputnik moment
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About to embarrass the west on quantum computing

According to McClatchydc the Chinese government is about to embarrass the West by throwing enough money into quantum computing to beat them to the punch.

Apple can’t write a calculator program
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Just like it can’t write decent clock software.

Apple’s software skills continue to sink to new lows – now it can’t summon up enough of a skills base to write a calculator programmer which can actually add up.

Tech giants spend fortune buying US politicians
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Buy one get another free

US tech giants are spending a small fortune on "lobbying" politicians and the situation is getting worse.

LG Display sees 80 percent profit surge
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Hi-end tellies and mobile demand

LG Display has seen an 80 percent surge in quarterly profits just ahead of expectations, helped by strong demand for its screens used in high end TV sets as well as mobile devices.

Shuttleworth explains killing off Unity
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IPO in the works

Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth has been telling the world+dog why he killed off Unity and it is all about getting busy, ready for an IPO.

Microsoft’s Open Source cloud slap to Google
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Azure Container Service built on Kubernetes

Microsoft has unveiled the Azure "Container Service", a new service for the Azure cloud computing platform that's built on Kubernetes.

GPU card makers see shipments increase
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But bubble set to burst soon

Most graphics card vendors are expected to report shipment increases in 2017 with Asustek and MSI each shipping 5-5.2 million units, Gigabyte 4.5 million and Colorful 4.1 million.

Canon's profit explodes
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Spy cameras and OLEDs doing better than expected

Canon hiked its annual profit forecast for the third time after seeing expanding demand for “business-to-business” products from surveillance cameras to organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen production gear.

Analysts expect IPhoneX to be disappointing
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Cash cow stuck

Days before Apple over hyped iPhone X opens for pre-orders, a survey by brokerage Bernstein showed that demand for the device will "not be exceptional", with only a quarter of Apple fanboys planning to buy the phone.

Google scores own goal with Pixel 2XL
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OLED Screen issues

The Tame Apple Press is celebrating after Google's new flagship Android phone is officially out and its new OLED screen appears to have display problems.