Chinese chips are on their way
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Huaxintong headed towards a server near you

It has only been a matter of time before Chinese chipmarkers start to catch up with the West and it looks like Huaxintong Semiconductor Technology will start heading to servers soon.

Fallout 4 needs a supercomputer
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Bethesda about to release a new texture pack

Bethesda is about to release a High-Resolution Texture Pack to its Fallout 4 which is really going to make the game look great.

LG UltraFine 5K Display isn’t exactly MacBook Pro ready
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Don’t stick it near your router

Desperate to get out of the monitor market, the fruity cargo-cult Apple blessed LG’s UltraFine 5K Display saying it was super-cool and worked perfectly with its new MacBook Pro.

Trump orders clamp down on H-1B workers
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Silicon Valley must prove they can’t hire US workers

After solving the problem of terrorists coming into the US by using an executive order banning Muslims from entering the country from places where he does not have business dealings, Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump is doing something similar to Big Tech.

Oracle doubles its Amazon and Azure cloud licencing
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Why follow the Herd?

While Amazon and Microsoft have reduced the price of their cloud based operations, Oracle has decided to double the price, just to show everyone how it is done.

Father of Pacman becomes a ghost
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Masaya Nakamura bought joy to billions

The bloke who founded Namco and became the “the father of Pac-Man,” has died. Masaya Nakamura Nakamura was 91.

Nintendo returns to profit
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But sees trouble ahead

Former playing card maker Nintendo has managed to make its first profit in four quarters thanks to its mobile gaming division.

Soap up your smartphone
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Clean your Kyocera when you do the dishes

Never mind curved screens and AR cameras, the people at Kyocera want to build smartphones which you can wash when you do the dishes.

Tech Dirt fighting for its life
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Email “inventor” might be backed by Thiel

Tech Dirt is fighting for its financial life in a case which should put the fear of god into the tech press.

ISPs giving up on warning pirates
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It does not work

Major internet providers are ending a four-year-old system which gave “copyright alerts” to pirates when they viewed peer-to-peer pirated content.