Toshiba sues Western Digital as sale is delayed
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Trouble at mill

Toshiba has had to push back its timeline to clinch a sale of its flash memory chip unit, saying the $18 billion deal was being held up due to differences of opinion within the consortium chosen as preferred bidder.

Reviewer blasts Apple’s iPad Pro
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Can't replace your laptop – even for email

While the Tame Apple press has been doing its best to present the illusion that Apple's new iPad Pro is super, cool, and fantastic, it appears that there are more sensible reviewers out there.

Swedish Volvo driving systems can't understand kangaroos
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Has no problem with duck-billed Platypus

They might have a reputation of being the dullest but safest cars in the world, but Volvo’s self-driving cars are having a problem down under.

Nvidia to build digital currency mining chip
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New technology to tackle mining issues  

Nvidia hopes to take custom away from its rival AMD by building a chip which is designed for digital currency mining.

UK’s new warship runs Windows XP
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What could go wrong?

Britain’s largest and most expensive new warship is running the outdated Microsoft Windows XP.

Intel extends life of IoT chips
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Support life doubles

Intel has doubled the lifecycle support for its whole series of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions platforms from seven years to 15 years.

Google fined €2.42 billion for breaching EU antitrust rules
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Caught playing monoploy

The European Commission has fined Google €2.42 billion for breaching EU antitrust rules, saying the search engine outfit has abused its market dominance as a search engine by giving an illegal advantage to another Google product, its comparison shopping service.

Swedish Ericsson returns to networks
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New business is borked 

Swedish outfit Ericsson has given up on getting more clients beyond the telecoms industry to refocus on selling networks to mobile phone companies.

Apple will save the iPhone by selling in India
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Tim Cook’s latest theory

The supreme pooh-bah of the tax-dodging fruity cargo-cult, Tim Cook, has named India as the nation most likely to save Apple from its falling profits.

Smartphones make you stupid
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New study suggests

Apparently having a smartphone close to hand significantly reduces your cognitive ability, according to a new scientific study.