HoloLens up to five years way
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Along with rocket packs

Officially Microsoft said that its HoloLens headset would arrive "in the Windows 10 time frame" which as far as we are aware does not have an end date. 

MediaTek's profits drop 12 per cent
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20 per cent lower than last year

The war with Qualcomm appears to have had its causalities amongst Mediatek's bottom line.

Samsung focuses on Tizen
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OS has legs

Samsung might be gearing up to push its home grown operating system which sounds like a sneeze.

Windows 10 downloaded 14 million times
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Redmond overwhelmed 

Software king of the world Microsoft has said that its new OS, Windows 10, was downloaded 14 million times in its first 24 hours, according to Microsoft.

Samsung wants a bendy flip phone
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Copying Apple twice over

Apple might have invented a phone which bends, but Samsung wants to go one better. 

Acer rumoured to release Windows 10 phones
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Four in the works

Acer will be unveiling four new gizmos at IFA 2015, all powered by Microsoft's Windows 10 mobile.

Surface Pro4 might have been delayed for Skylake
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It all makes sense now

The dark satanic rumour mill has suggested a good reason Microsoft delayed the launch of its flagship tablet-laptop, Surface Pro 4. 

Mozilla furious at Windows 10
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User choice removed

Big cheeses at the Mozzarella Foundation have penned a stiff letter to Microsoft's CEO over changes made to default settings in Windows 10. 

Apple TV coming out
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Same as the old one but thinner

Apple will apparently launch its new Apple TV in September. 

Oracle names new chip after cheap wine
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Sonoma cure for networking hangovers

Oracle is looking to expand the market for its Sparc-based servers with a new, low-cost processor which it curiously called Sonoma.