Putin denies Democratic party hack
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But says it was a “public service”

Tsar Vladimir Putin has denied that his elite team of hackers were behind the hack of the Democratic Party, but does say who ever did it was carrying out a public service.

Intel’s 7nm process delayed until 2022
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Changes in job adverts

Intel may have delayed the arrival of its 7 nm processing technology until 2022.

AMD teases Zen-based Naples processor
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New benchmarks released

AMD is continuing to build up expectations for its new Zen-based Naples proccessor.

Intel ships notebook Kaby Lakes
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Desktop CPUs by the end of the year

Intel has begun delivering its next-generation notebook-use Kaby Lake processors and will start shipping comparable desktop-use CPUs by the end of 2016.

LG to get aggressive with Robots
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Robo-revolution better than smartphones

 LG Electronics is turning to building robots and AI as a way of making up for the cash it has lost making smartphones.

Jane Fonda flogs Apple holy relics
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30 Jobs owned items for sale

Jane Fonda is kicking off a trade in religious relics based around the worship of the dead Apple prophet, Steve Jobs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7s really do catch fire
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Company stops selling and gears up for a recall

The Tame Apple Press has been delivered an early Christmas present as its rival Samsung stops selling its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after reports some of their batteries exploded while being charged.

HPE tries selling software unit to Thoma Bravo
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Negotiations are under way

The former maker of expensive printer ink HPE is in talks with buyout firm Thoma Bravo to flog its software arm.

LG partners with Amazon on smart homes
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More devices

Mobile maker LG is teaming up with Amazon to churn out more intelligent home devices such as the Alexa virtual assistant on some of the electronics maker's devices.

Google gives up on modular mobiles
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A good idea shelved

Search engine outfit Google has mothballed a rather good idea to create modular mobile phones which allow parts to be updated when new tech comes available,