AMD and Nvidia will work together in perfect harmony
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Ebony and ivory

DirectX 12 looks set to bring Nvidia and AMD together, in a way that neither will be particularly happy about.

Apple steals Samsung staff now
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Its geniuses are failing

In another sign that the fruity cargo cult Apple is running out of ideas, it has been attempting steal staff from its rival Samsung.

China drops Western companies
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Stop spying on us

The Chinese government has banned western companies from taking part in some of its lucrative government contracts because the US government installs backdoors inside their gear.

image thanks to Gawker
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Fat chance.

The bloke who made a fortune from having people post naked pictures of their former partners without their consent has mounted a campaign to make sure that the Internet forgets all about him.

Flash drives will be faster and more secure
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It will save everyone of us

Flash drives in mobile devices are set to become faster and secure thanks to a new standard signed off by the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association.

Nvidia wins market share from AMD
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Year of shrinking

It would appear that the world is rushing to Nvidia to buy its latest GPU at the expense of AMD.

Why an Apple car is not going to happen
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Why would it do something like that? 

It is becoming obvious that the fruity cargo cult Apple is out of ideas and it defaulting to just copying other people, but one suggestion by the Tame Apple press – that Jobs' Mob is going to make a car is too silly for words.

Samsung shows off 10nm FinFET
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Beating the world

Samsung has shocked the tech press by showing off the world's first 10nm FinFET chip at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC).

EZchip wants a 100-Core ARM Chip
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Because you can never have too many arms

Ezchip is planning to put 100 ARM-based 64-bit cores into a processor which it thinks will fill a hole in the networking market.

ARM and IBM team up on IoT starter kit
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Embed with me dinner

ARM has launched the mbed IoT Starter Kit - Ethernet Edition which connects directly into IBM's Bluemix cloud platform.