Asus gives Kaby Lake to UX310
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Notebooks finally go seventh Intel generation

Asus has refreshed its its UX310 notebook with Kaby Lake goodness.

VR will sell two million this year
Published in Wearables

20 million by 2020

Beancounters at Canalys think that there will be more than two million VR units sold in 2016 and the figure will grow to 20 million by 2020.

PwC tries to silence security research firm
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Security firm should not have had the buggy software

A security research outfit has released details of a "critical" flaw in a security tool made by auditing and tax giant PwC.

Android not merging with Chrome
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Chrome Alone

A top Googler has denied rumours that Android and Chrome will merge into an OS that crosses platforms.

Apple removes Macbook Pro's battery indicator
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Have faith in our marketing claims

The fruity tax-dodging cargo cult Apple has a novel way of stopping its users from finding out the truth about its bogus marketing claims about battery life – it has stripped the iOS from any method of measuring it.

Suspected iPhone perve must hand over password
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Florida decides

A court in Florida has said a suspected upskirt pervert can be made to reveal his iPhone passcode to coppers.

Oculus splits into Mobile and PC
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Co-founder heads to PC

Brendan Iribe, co-founder of Oculus, is no longer the CEO of the company he created with Palmer Luckey four years ago.

Microsoft releases new AI chatbot
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Zo has protection from racists

After its early incarnation of an AI chatbot Tay turned into a racist, Microsoft has had another go with a social bot called Zo.

Dark days ahead for Nvidia and AMD
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Pacific Crest has been looking at its tarot cards

The divination team from Pacific Crest have been shuffling their tarot cards and are seeing some dark clouds forming for AMD and Nvidia.

A bloke wasted a million dollars on Game of War
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He nicked it from his employer

A bloke wasted a million dollars which he stole from his employer on a Game of War mobile game.