Samsung serious about buying Blackberry
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On again off again is on

For a while, the dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured hell on earth yarns claiming that Samsung is set to buy the Canadian smartphone maker Blackberry.

Blackberry wants to open Apple's walled garden
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Net neutrality should include Apple

BlackBerry's CEO John Chen has commited a heresy against the Apple cargo cult by suggesting that any changes to net neutrality laws should mean an end to Jobs' Mob's walled garden of delights.

Dotcom released encrypted video chat
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Making friends with US spooks

As part of his plan to win over the US spooks, Kim Dotcom has created a service which allows people to have encrypted video chat conversations which are impossible to listen in on.

Sandisk fails to make Wall Street expectations
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Must stand in the corner

 Memory chipmaker SanDisk has made the cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street furious by failing to meet their expectations.

US schools demand kids hand over passwords
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What you do in your own time is our concern

US schools continue to believe that they have the power of god over their students.

AMD lowers expectations
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15 per cent lower

Chipmaker AMD expects first-quarter revenue to be about 15 per cent below the fourth-quarter figure of $1.24 billion.

British mobile phone companies back net-neutrality
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US set to lose Land of the Free title

While the US telcos are frantically bribing, er lobbying, their tame politicians to block net-neutrality, it seems that the UK telcos are going the opposite way.

Putin spies on everyone in Moscow
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For their own good of course

Moscow is to experiment with a new system of mobile-phone tracking in 2015 to "aid research into potential modification to the transport infrastructure of the city."

Open Saucy laptop goes on sale
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What price security?... well rather a lot

Two Singapore-based engineers have created a laptop made almost entirely from open source hardware.

Pole sticks computer in mouse
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Makes mouse's eyes water

A Polish software and hardware developer has created a prototype computer which is entirely housed within a mouse.