Samsung gets Apple DRAM chip contract
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Your iPhone is a Samsung

It looks like Samsung has buried the hatchet with Apple and has gone back to the days when the iPhone was mostly made from its parts.

HTTPS busting tech found in more products
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Lenovo not the only Superfish user

The same HTTPS-breaking technology recently found preinstalled on Lenovo laptops has been found in 12 new titles.

Apple to spend some of its tax-free cash pile in EU
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Warning the tax inspectors

Fruity tax avoider Apple is going to spend some of its huge cash pile investing in the EU. This is probably because if it brings back any of its EU generated cash to the US it will be taxed, so it might as well spend it on something useful.

Apple and Linux buggier than Windows
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Buggier than a Sardinian cheese 

Despite what you might get told by Apple and Linux fanboys, their operating systems are less secure and more buggy than anything which comes out of Redmond.

UK wants Internet defined as a utility
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Must be available to everyone

The UK government has called for the internet to be defined as a utility service which must be available for everyone, like water or electricity, due to its fundamental importance in modern-day life.

Outfit behind Superfish claims it is under attack
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Fiasco gets worse

The outfit at the heart of the Lenovo "superfish" spyware scandle Komodia is being attacked.

Ryan Air teams up with Apple
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It likes things overpriced

If the overpriced coffee, loud advertising and fees for carrying a small bag were not enough to deter you from flying Ryan Air, you will be pleased to know that the budget Airline is now becoming an Apple fanboy's paradise.

Sony releases daft silent SD cards
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Sounds of silence 

Sony has released a super expensive SD card for the terminally daft in the audiophile market.

Japan Display does deal with the devil
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Teams up with Apple

Japan Display is apparently ignoring what happened with the Sapphire Glass fiasco and is considering building a plant with Apple.

Lenovo installs malware in laptops
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Superfish adware is a killer shark

Maker of the thinkpad, Lenovo pre-installed a virus-like software on laptops that makes the devices more vulnerable to hacking.