Qualcomm wireless  tech will recharge metal
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WiPower now universal

Qualcomm WiPower will now charge phones with metal cases, breaking a barrier which had prevented wireless charging on more expensive models. 

Intel divides to rule
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Sets PC targets in six areas

Chipzilla is trying to boost promotion of its desktop CPU platforms by dividing the market into six pieces. 

Apple Play-Doh scammers
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Fan boys would not notice

Three teens were arrested in Detroit area after trying to flog the owner of a MetroPCS store iPhones that were bricked. 

LG displays 5G tech
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1000 Times more than LTE

LG Uplus and Huawei succeeded in demonstrating major technology in next-generation network called Massive MIMO60 (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) 

Samsung puts out 1.0µm-pixel, 16MP image sensor
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How thin do you want it?

Samsung announced a 1.0µm, pixel-based 16MP image sensor which will to allow manufacturers to keep a slim smartphone while providing the best in camera technology. 

OnePlus 2 dumps Qualcomm Quick Charge
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It just gets worse

We have been claiming that OnePlus 2 is more of a marketing triumph than anything game changing, but it turns out the new one does not feature Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 battery charging technology.

NVidia's Tegra X1 does well on Linux
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P,p,p pick up a penguin

A test of Nvidia's Tegra X1 64-bit ARM SoC running Ubuntu Linux is seemingly rather good. 

LG Electronics reports 45 percent plunge
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LG Electronics has confirmed that it had a rubbish second quarter.

The company announced that earnings sank 45 percent over a year earlier as losses widened in its TV business and smartphone sales dried up. 

Gmail messages can self-destruct
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You didn't read nothing.

A new Google Chrome plugin Dmail, gives complete control over how long a recipient can view your email. 

Nvidia and Microsoft fix Windows 10 problems
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In time for Launch 

Microsoft and Nvidia have fixed a problem with Windows 10 update which was creating problems for people with Nvidia graphics cards.