Boffins pull apart Intel’s secret code
Published in Processors

Closed source variation of the open-source MINIX 3

Security experts have been looking at some code on Intel chips which can change your computer's fundamental settings.

Apache OpenOffice is happy it is not cool
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Just as well

The resource starved open source Apache OpenOffice has had a few problems since it released its latest version – late and a big buggy.

Nokia and Vodafone team up for 5G
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South African test

Former rubber boot maker Nokia will trial its 5G technology in South Africa in collaboration with UK telephone outfit Vodacom.

Avast aims for $4 billion IPO
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AV outfit Avast has hired Rothschild to prepare the business for an initial public offering (IPO) which could value the firm at as much as $4 billion.

China might stall Broadcom and Qualcomm merger talks
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Might prevent its own chip moves

A potential mega-merger between chipmaker Broadcom and Qualcomm is pretty unlikely to get much support from the Chinese authorities.

Apple tax dodges mentioned in Paradise Papers
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Sidestepped Irish tax increases

The Paradise Papers have revealed some of the Fruity Cargo cult Apple’s dodgy deals to avoid paying the ridiculously low Irish taxes.

Apple wins slide to lock case
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For the grand sum of $120 million

Apple has finally claimed victory over Samsung and now officially invented the slide to lock technology.

Apple admits iPhone X has screen problems
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You get what you pay for

Apple has admitted that its overpriced iPhone X is suffering from the same screen problems as its rivals who had the misfortune of also putting out OLED screens.

SCO versus IBM case resurrected
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Someone cut off its head

A federal appeals court has now partially ruled in favour of the SCO Group, breathing new life into a lawsuit and a company - now bankrupt and nearly dead - that has been suing IBM for almost 15 years.

iPhone X breaks on the first drop
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Better keep it safe in a nice box at home

The iPhone X is so fragile it will break the first time you drop it