Intel Core X in short supply
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Demand outstripping supply

Chipzilla seems to have made a mistake over the demand for its eight- and 10-core Core X processors for the high-end desktop market.

Putin’s hackers hit Ireland’s power grid
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Putin and Trump will just say it is just leprechauns

Kremlin-based hackers targeted Ireland's power grid in another cyberattack on UK's critical infrastructure in exactly the sort of attack which is being dismissed as fake news.

UK adult websites face £250,000 fines
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Protect the kiddies

UK websites without age-verification software may have to pay an eye-watering fine or be banned altogether.

UK WiFi customers agree to clean sewers
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Always read the fine print

WiFi provider Purple slipped a few gags into its user agreement to prove to the world that no-one ever reads them.

Aussie PM says Laws of Mathematics unimportant
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The laws made up by Aussie politicians decide reality

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said the laws of mathematics come second to the law of the land in a row over privacy and encryption.

UAE alliance hacked Qatar
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Cyber Jihad planted fake news so it could create embargo 

Qatar's government news and social media sites in May was orchestrated by the UAE so they could have a pretext for isolating the country, according to US intelligence officials.

Apple supplier bails in supporting cargo-cult
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Jobs’ Mob in shock after someone turns down an offer they could not refuse.

The fruity tax-dodging cargo-cult Apple is in shock after one of its suppliers walked away from its custom.

PC is becoming forgotten and abandoned project
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Xbox man claims

Former Xbox lead engineer Boyd Multerer shocked the Develop conference by this year by warning that the PC is becoming the red-headed step-child of the processor market.

Huawei building GPU/CPU
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With AI on the side

Chinese phone maker Huawei is about to launch its own APU which will combine a CPU, GPU and AI.

Carmakers lean on China to relax electric car rules
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Electric cars too advanced for us right now

Global automakers have urged China to delay and soften planned quotas for sales of electric and hybrid cars.