Apple’s leaking procedure leaked
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We think someone missed the point

The fruity tax-dodging cargo-cult is famous for its largely pointless, heavy handed security policy which is so autocratic that not even Kim Jong-un would attempt it, but as you might expect, few details have leaked, until now.

Supermicro  goes EPYC
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AMD's sword and sandal processors get belt and braces

SuperMicro is releasing new dual socket servers and upcoming single-socket solutions supporting AMD EPYC, the latest AMD family of high-performance processors.

IAR Systems has partnered with ARM
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Designstart programme has its uses

IAR Systems has teamed up with ARM and signed up for its DesignStart programme which could see the development of more custom SoCs

Big Tech tries to butter up Trump again
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Not Zuckerburg or Musk

Some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley descended on the White House yesterday for the first meeting of the American Technology Council.

Galaxy Note announcement planned for August
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Galaxy Note expected 

Samsung is planing a launch event in New York City for its next Galaxy Note smartphone in the second half of August.

Intel dumps Galileo, Joule, and Edison
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No reason why

Chipzilla has pulled the plung on its Galileo, Joule, and Edison development boards.

Now even the Swiss have a faster supercomputer than the US
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And some of their soldiers have carried pikes for 600 years.

The US has been falling behind in the supercomputer race which it has dominated for 24 years and been losing ground to the Chinese who have the top two slots.

Jobs wanted iPhone to be more like Android
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But his designers said it was a bad idea

Steve Jobs wanted the iPhone to be more like Android and have a back button in addition to a home button, however the designers overruled him.

SuperMicro draws SuperBlade
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Skylake based Xeon

SuperMicro has lifted the wraps off its new Intel-based Omni-Path Architecture X11 8U/4U SuperBlade.

Apple poaches Sony execs to improve TV service
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We need to get a few people from outside the reality distortion field

Fruity-Tax dodging cargo cult Apple has realised that if it is going to do well in the telly market, it is going to have to hire people from outside its reality distortion field.