Intel figures expected to be huge
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Best since 2003

Chipzilla is expected to report some of its best results since since 2003

Google tries to block Mosley over images
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We do not want to monitor the net

Search engine Google tried to block a lawsuit filed against it by Max Mosley in the High Court in London over access through its search engine to images of the former motor racing chief taking part in a sex party.

Zuckerberg offers free app in Colombia
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Not ready for China yet

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg launched a free Internet application in Colombia on Wednesday as part of a drive to bring developing markets online, but refused to say if he was ready to push into China yet.

CompuLab’s Fitlet makes for tiny NUC
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0.22l of volume

The world of the NUC has been getting more interesting of late as the likes of Lenovo and Intel scrap over who can be the smallest.

Adobe buys back shares
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15 January 2015

Adobe buys back shares

Rise in revenue 

Maker of tools which bend reality and make ugly people pretty, Adobe plans to buy back up to $2 billion of its shares through the end of fiscal 2017.

Teachers who know about computers can make better money doing something else  -- like saving the universe..
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Good teachers can earn more doing something different

A survey of UK schools carried out by Microsoft and Computing at School is showing the problems of getting teachers up to speed.

LG told to stop OLED production
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Killed two workers

South Korea's labour ministry has ordered LG to halt operations of an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panel production line following a nitrogen gas leak.

Samsung launches Tizen phone in India
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Or its spokesperson just sneezed

Samsung has launched the first smartphone powered by the operating system which sounds like a sneeze – Tizen.

PC sales continuing to grow
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Tablets were just a fad

Beancounters working for Gartner have decide that PC sales are continuing to grow with Lenovo being the top seller last year.

MediaTek to launch 10- and 12-core SoCs
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Chinese whispers

Rumours from China suggest that the chip designer Mediatek is apparently on the verge of launching 10- and 12-core system on chips.