Intel shows off 49 Qbit computer
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Development increasing but still a long way from quantum counterstrike

Boffins at D-Wave, IBM, and Intel have all been releasing quantum computers, and all of them are showing a rapid development.

Open sourcer admits movement failed to live up to billing
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20 years later and it is still not the year of desktop Linux

Top open sourcer Matt Asay admits that while Open Source software has been around for nearly 20 years, it has failed to be the game changer that many thought.

Barcelona becomes the poster child for Linux
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Taking Munich’s crown

The City of Barcelona is migrating its computer systems away from Windows making it the poster child for Open Source rather than Munich which is frantically trying to migrate back.

Apple sees global backlash against phone throttling
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This is going to get expensive

Apple’s undisclosed throttling of old iPhones for the “users own good” is unleashing a stream of hurt to the fruity cargo cult.

AMD admits it is vulnerable to both versions of Spectre
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So much for saying that the second one was low risk

After days of saying that there was a "near zero" chance of its chips being hit by the two Spectre bugs, AMD has finally admitted it's vulnerable to both of them.

Galaxy S9 formally announced next month
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Was expected at CES

Samsung will unveil its next flagship handset, the Galaxy S9, next month at Mobile World Congress (MWC) and not CES as expected

Iphone grassed up Apple fanboy
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Health app not so cool if you want to rape and kill someone

An Apple fanboy is regretting installing Apple’s health app on his phone.

Assange is now an Ecuadorian national
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But the UK says he can't be a diplomat

Ecuador has granted citizenship to WikiLeaks founder and bail-jumper Julian Assange, who has been living in asylum at the nation's embassy in London for more than five years.

Uber had a software panic button
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Ripley lock the police out if they showed up with a warrant

Uber had a piece of software called “Ripley” which locked police investigators out of the system if they ever called around with a warrant.

Mac security allowed 15 year-old perve to spy
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For 13 years

Security on Apple hardware was so good that a 15 year-old pervert  knocked it over and spied on people for 13 years before he was noticed.