EE cleaning up in the UK
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4G king of Blighty

EE strengthened its position as the leading 4G network in the UK in 2014 after gaining 5.7 million customers over the year.

Huawei has a 17 per cent increase in profit
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4G doing rather well

Huawei is set to record a 17 percent increase in operating profit as worldwide adoption of fourth-generation (4G) mobile technology sharply increased.

Isis takes down US Military You Tube and Twitter
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Not the greatest hack all time

The Twitter and YouTube accounts for the US military command that oversee operations in the Middle East were hacked by a hacker group sympathetic to ISIS.

Big Content warned to stop scaring Canadians
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Government miffed

The Canadian government has warned Big Content that they are not allowed to go around threatening people it thinks are pirates – like they do in other countries.

Nintendo has a Wii slash in Brazil
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Taxes take the Nintendo

The maker of computer products which sound like toilet humour, Nintendo is flushing Brazil from its list of countries it suppliers.

Extra second of time could bring chaos
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Missing a beat  

This year will have extra second that will allow the Earth's spin to catch up with atomic time.

Microsoft boasts that it is king of the cloud
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Azure can run on Xeon E5 v3 CPUs

Software giant Microsoft has released a new virtual machine type to Azure which can run on up to 32  Xeon E5 v3 cores and 448 GB of RAM.

Photo thanks to Mashable
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Problem is which is the knock off?

As might be expected, someone in China has projected a cheap and cheerful version of Apple's iWatch – the only problem is that since it has done it before Apple, which is really the knock off?

Selfie stick banned at Arsenal
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Fears they can be weaponised

The selfie stick, which enables those without friends to be photographed at historical landmarks, has been banned by the administrators of the Arsenal football team.

UK government runs ancient computer
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From the time of Genesis, when it still had Peter Gabriel


The UK Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is running its operations based on a Fujitsu mainframes using the VME operating system installed in 1974.