Intel could save Apple’s bacon
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FinFET is half baked

The fruity cargo cult Apple is apparently having problems getting its partners to make 3-D transistors that go.

Most Brits post pictures on net that they regret
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Sorry old bean

By the time they reach adulthood the average British person has 17 internet regrets after posting something they wish they had not.

India bans Open Source Sites
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Too spicy for Isis

The Indian government has blocked a clutch of Open Saucy websites including Github because they were carrying “anti-India” content from the head-lopping terror group ISIS. 

Sony brought old and useless out of retirement
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Breakout the Blackberry

When hackers shut down Sony, the company managed to keep going by pulling their old Blackberries out of the drawer.

Unfit geeks can become cyber warriors
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Drop down and give me 50 lines of code

The US army has realised that it might recruit more cyber warriors if it does not force geeks to go through basic combat training.

Huawei sales up a third
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31 December 2014

Huawei sales up a third

Earned $11.8 billion

Huawei’s smartphone sales rose by almost a third to $11.8 billion in 2014, according to figures leaked to the press.

South Korea nuclear plant had low risk worms
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Splashes out on Mebendazole

South Korean has found that a low-risk computer "worm" had been removed from devices connected to some nuclear plant control systems.

Apple kicks Android to death
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Never write a report after an office Christmas party

Industry analyst Chetan Sharma appeared to have had a little too much Christmas happy juice when he turned out a report which claimed that Apple had kicked Android to death this year.

Apple Pay not secure enough for the Brits
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Don’t want sterling reputation damaged

It seems that the fruity cargo cult Apple is having a problem selling its Apple Pay system in the UK.

Apple has murdered the tablet market
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Wins the holiday season

The tablet market has been suffering lately as people woke up to the concept that they were largely pointless, but it is starting to look like the outfit which started the Tablet craze might have had a hand in bumping it off.