Microsoft phone lasts a month without a recharge
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See it can be done

Microsoft have done the unthinkable and released a cheap phone which can remain charged for a month.

Internet broke in Australia
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Time for a cold tube cobber

It became so hot in Western Australia that the Internet broke yesterday.

PS4 Christmas sales do not spike
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Santa thinks Sony kids are naughty kids

While the Sony Playstation 4 has been selling very well, it seems that Christmas was not really its season.

Wearables still in infancy
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Needs potty training

Chipmaker Qualcomm told CES in Las Vegas what we already guessed – that the Internet of Things is still a long way off.

Sony boss praises staff in North Korean fight
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Saw off extortionist hackers by surrendering

Sony Chief Executive Officer Kazuo Hirai praised employees and for standing up to "extortionist efforts" of hackers who attacked Sony Pictures Entertainment.

China wants to triple its patents by 2020
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Glorious innovation drive

The Glorious People’s Republic of China has put “patents” and “innovation” onto its five year plan.

Kiwi terrorist reveals his location on Twitter
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Isis really can't get the staff

A self-proclaimed ISIS terrorist from New Zealand is proving more of a liability to the decapitating group than any actual use.

Xiaomi makes $11.97 billion
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Tremble in fear tiny mortals

Xiaomi has announced that it made $11.97 billion in pre-tax sales last year which was an increase of 135 percent from 2013.

Intel could save Apple’s bacon
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FinFET is half baked

The fruity cargo cult Apple is apparently having problems getting its partners to make 3-D transistors that go.

Most Brits post pictures on net that they regret
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Sorry old bean

By the time they reach adulthood the average British person has 17 internet regrets after posting something they wish they had not.