UK mulls internet Asbos to trolls
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Because real Asbos worked so well

The UK's Tory government is thinking about dishing out 'Internet asbos' to people who spread racial hatred on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Pascal quits after Sony hack
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High profile exit

It seems that the Japanese co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment Amy Pascal has been required to take the fall for the Sony hack.

Not many GeForce GTX 970 returns
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So that is all right then

Despite the fact that AMD has dropped its prices to make Nvidia uncomfortable, and that the press is making the Green Goblins life a misery, the actual returns of the GeForce GTX 970 product are pretty low.

Samsung plans more letters of the alphabet
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The Letter S is sooo last year

While Samsung has been cutting back on the number of shiny toys it is making available to the consumer this year, it seems it is expanding it Galaxy Tab range.

Google redesigns Glass
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06 February 2015

Google redesigns Glass

Wants to remove the 1970s serial killer look

Google has worked out that the reason that its Glass product was never going to work was because it they made you look like you were an axe murderer on their way to their part-time job as a stalker of women.

Sharp not flogging overseas factories
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Mexican standoff

Sharp said it is not planning to flog any of its overseas factories after the dark satanic rumour mill manufactured a hell on earth yarn that it planned to sell its TV manufacturing plant in Mexico next year.

Twitter sucks at troll tackling
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Better at dwarf tossing

Twitter's chief executive has admitted that the social media site is pants at dealing with abuse reported by users.

Bloke sends back MacBook for being too thin
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Bent too easily

A British bloke thought he was onto a winner when he paid a reasonable price for an Apple MacBook on eBay. Paul Barrington, 38, paid £300 for the MacBook which normally costs £1,500 when bought new.

Samsung takes out its Tizen based camera
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Takes pictures when you sneeze

Samsung is showing off its new camera with its open saucy operating system which sounds like a sneeze, Tizen.

BT confirms EE deal
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05 February 2015

BT confirms EE deal

We can finally offer some services 

British Telecom has confirmed that it will be writing a £12.5 billion cheque to buy EE from Orange and Deutsche Telekom.