Intel has surprise “win” against the EU
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Lower courts have to review huge fine

The highest court in the European Union has ruled that Intel’s $1.3 billion antitrust fine should be reviewed in a move which could end a sweeping crackdown on US tech companies antics in Europe.

Apple is no longer the number two smartphone maker
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Never mind Tim, your company will always be a number two to Fudzilla

The fruity cargo-cult’s grip on the world’s smartphone market is continuing to slip as Huawei has knocked it from its number two position behind Samsung.

Court tells Shiva Ayyadurai he did not invent email
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Techdirt wins case

Shiva Ayyadurai, the Trump supporter with a race-baiting campaign hashtag, claim that he invented email has been thrown out of a court.

AI chip market heats up
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06 September 2017

AI chip market heats up

Everyone wants in

It is starting to look like the AI chipmarket is going to be a battle ground for chip development.

Trump speeds up self-driving car rules
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Cuts “red-tape” so car makers can speed things up

Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump has decided to cut all the “red tape” which prevents self-driving cars getting on the road quickly. Since some of that red tape proving that the car is safe on the road and will behave properly without killing anyone, consumer groups are a little concerned.

Employers must tell staff before they snoop
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Staff must not have their privacy violated

Autocratic bosses who love to read their employees emails without telling them have been told to cut it out by the  European Court of Human Rights.

Most US techies use a VPN
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06 September 2017

Most US techies use a VPN

Pirate without fear

An international cybersecurity awareness survey found that 65 percent of US tech sector workers now use a virtual private network (VPN) on either work or personal devices.

Lenovo celebrates Thinkpad by going back in time
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Retro Thinkpad with a T470 guts

It looks like Lenovo is preparing for the Thinkpad’s 25th anniversary by releasing a retro version with a contemporary T470’s insides.

Western Digital offers to drop out of memory chip sale
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Tosh may now take a better offer 

Toshiba shares rose more than four  percent on Wednesday  Western Digital is alleged to have offered to drop out of a group bidding for its flash memory chip business to take a stronger position in their joint venture instead.

HPE surprises with results
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Networking means outfit does better than expected

Hewlett Packard Enterprise reported a surprise rise in quarterly revenue, largely helped by higher sales of its networking equipment.