China wants to take AI lead from US military
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Beating US military intelligence should not be that difficult

China is providing some significant competition for the US on the subject of AI.

Microsoft teams up with SAP for cloud
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Incomprehensible meets the intractable

The software King of the World is teaming up with the maker of expensive business software which no one knows exactly what it does to put everything into clouds.

Softbank offers Uber 30 percent less
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You are getting too problematic

Softbank is offering to purchase shares of Uber at a valuation of $48 billion – a 30 percent discount to its most recent valuation of $68.5 billion.

FBI failed to warn officials about Russian hacker
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Despite knowing what he was up to

The FBI failed to notify scores of US officials that a Russian hacker was trying to break into their personal Gmail accounts despite having evidence for at least a year that Kremlin hackers were after them.

Computer pioneer logs off
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Geoff Tootill is dead

Geoffrey Tootill, the bloke who helped built the world’s first electronic stored-program computer, has died aged 95.

US National Laboratory’s High Performance Computing Division has 750-node Raspberry Pi clusters
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Emulates an ARM-based supercomputer

The National Laboratory’s High Performance Computing Division Los Alamos has access to 750-node Raspberry Pi clusters which it is using in development work.

Google will not block Russian government's fake news sites
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Russians free to flood west with fake news

Russian communications watchdog Roskomnadzor said on Monday it had been informed by Google that the search engine does not change its algorithm to re-rank individual websites.

US is the world leader in the internet of vehicles
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IoV is a thing now

Forget the internet of things, the latest buzzword is the internet of vehicles and according to bean counters at Digitimes Research it is something that the US is the world leader.

Intel’s product list for next year leaked
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Rest of the eight gen details

The rest of Chipzilla’s eighth-gen chips to be released have had their details leaked.

Building a chip to resist the fires of Venus
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Not even a Nvidia chip gets that hot

NASA boffins are working on a chip which can handle the superheated, globally warmed heat of Venus.