Qualcomm 1Gbps live demo goes to 895Mbps / 930 Mbps
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Telstra network demonstrate technology leadership, 127.5 Mbps upload

Sydney Australia is definitely the capital of the word’s fastest LTE performance. I'm here and have just witnessed a  1Gbps demonstration of a Netgear powered 1Gbps modem on Ericsson equipment deployed on a Telstra LTE network.

MediaTek files Q4 2016 earnings
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Down 14.1 percent sequentially

MediaTek has recently provided its earnings report for Q4 2016 during and managed to see its net profits fall 6.7 percent for the entire year, with gross margin reaching a record low of 35.6 percent.

Starbucks goes mad
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Limited rollout for now

Today,  Starbucks Ais  that it is hopping on the voice assistant bandwagon with the introduction of a virtual barista in its mobile ordering app.

Windows 10 Creators go mad
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Synchronize apps between PCs, Game Mode, group tiles and more

This Spring, Microsoft plans to release the latest version of its Windows 10 operating system, codenamed Redstone 2, and will add new programs trailed for creating content in artistic styles.

Soap up your smartphone
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Clean your Kyocera when you do the dishes

Never mind curved screens and AR cameras, the people at Kyocera want to build smartphones which you can wash when you do the dishes.

AMD Ryzen lineup might not include 6-core model
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Only quad- and octa-core SKUs

According to the latest rumor, AMD's upcoming Ryzen CPU lineup might lack a 6-core version, due to the fact that AMD cen't partially disable the four-core Zen module.

Tech Dirt fighting for its life
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Email “inventor” might be backed by Thiel

Tech Dirt is fighting for its financial life in a case which should put the fear of god into the tech press.

ISPs giving up on warning pirates
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It does not work

Major internet providers are ending a four-year-old system which gave “copyright alerts” to pirates when they viewed peer-to-peer pirated content.

Toshiba confirms it is selling off memory chips
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Flash in the pan

After a couple of months of rumours and speculation, troubled nuclear powered, electronics maker Toshiba has given up on its flash memory chip business and will flog most of it.

Microsoft is worth $500 billion
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Nadella’s turnaround is working while Cook's is not 

While the reign of the shy and retiring Steve “I never threw a chair at anyone” Ballmer was one of the best times for Microsoft news, the company has been having a bit of snooze for ages.