MediaTek says Helio P10 to thinner 5000 mAh phones
Published in Mobiles
10 August 2015

Helio is it MAh you are looking for?

MediaTek has announced a P10 mainstream chip with the original title "Helio P10" which runs on a thinner 5000 mAh battery than any mainstream phone near you. 

Nvidia GeForce GTX 990M GPU for notebooks
Published in Processors
10 August 2015

N16E-GXX is not a Star fleet designation

We heard a rumour that Nvidia was working on something called an N16E-GXX and thought it might be something Star Treky.

Nokia gearing up for a comeback
Published in Mobiles
10 August 2015

A bit like Frank Sinatra without the horse's head

The former rubber boot maker, turned mobile phone maker, turned network expert, Nokia is planning another comeback.

Cortana headed for Android and iOS
Published in Mobiles
10 August 2015

Better than anything they have

Software giant Microsoft is onto a winner with its Cortana search and has plans to bring it to iOS and Android.

Cambridge warns that 5G race is unnecessary
Published in Mobiles
10 August 2015

Stop shoving

An association which brings together top players in the mobile industry has warned against rushing to 5G. 

Eggs make Eggceptional batteries
Published in News
10 August 2015

You must be yoking

MIT has shelled out research on egg-like aluminum nanoparticles which they think is eggsactly what the doctor ordered for longer battery life.

Lenovo K3 Note review exposes excellent all-rounder
Published in Reviews
08 August 2015

Review: If only Lenovo would market phones in the West…

The Lenovo K3 Note is yet another budget phablet designed for Asian markets, but like many of its competitors, it certainly has a lot of appeal worldwide.

G.Skill Ripjaws 4 DDR4 hits 4795.8MHz on Skylake
Published in Memory
07 August 2015

Breaks the world record

It was just a matter of time before we see some records broken with the new Intel Skylake platform and G.Skill has announced that its Ripjaws 4 memory reached a rather impressive 4795.8MHz, which is the new frequency world record.

Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron game mode revealed
Published in Games
07 August 2015

Gets you into A-Wing, X-Wing, TIEs and more

As teased earlier, DICE has unveiled a new Star Wars Battlefront game mode during Gamescom 2015, the Fighter Squadron mode.

EVGA announces its Z170 series motherboard lineup
Published in Motherboards
07 August 2015

Three motherboards for starters

Following Intel's launch of the Skylake platform, EVGA has announced its lineup which includes a total of three Intel Z170 chipset based motherboards.