Intel wants data containers alone again
Published in Network
21 May 2015


Chipzilla is coming with a new method for container security to let CPUs share their resources among virtual machines while also walling off VMs from one another.

Daft Aussies want to ban teaching encryption
Published in News
21 May 2015

Throw another dumb law on the barbie

Australia want to ban the teaching of encryption so that it can save the nation from all the spying that is going on.

Huawei sees future for LiteOS
Published in Wearables
21 May 2015

The OS which would be king

Chinese firm Huawei predicted that within 10 years there will be 100 billion connected devices and its ultra-lightweight operating system to be at the heart of the infrastructure.

MediaTek Labs IoT webinar kicks off on the May 28th
Published in Wearables
21 May 2015

Free for developers, online

MediaTek Labs is planning to host a series of webinars in order to developers to the world of MediaTek Labs and LinkIt.

Android 5.1.1 OTA hitting Nexuses
Published in Mobiles
21 May 2015

Nexus 4, 5, 7 and 9 on the list

A 400MB update is coming to the Nexus 9 WiFi version and this update will get the tablet to Android 5.1.1. We hear that it should make this tablet a bit faster. 

Oculus has Rift event on June 11th
Published in Graphics
21 May 2015

5 days ahead of E3

Oculus has already showed rendered pictures of the next Rift and the company even talked about a possible launch date in early 2016. 

Gigabyte shows off dual socket workstation motherboard
Published in Motherboards
20 May 2015

MW70-3S0 is based on the Intel C612 chipset

Gigabyte has been showing off its MW70-3S0, its latest dual socket workstation motherboard based on the Intel C612 chipset.

GloFlo had a 20nm node working
Published in Processors
20 May 2015

So why did AMD pull Skybridge?

Yesterday we wrote an article about how GloFlo might have had a hand in cancelling AMD's  Skybridge project.  

Chrome eats your Resources
Published in News
20 May 2015

RAM to the slaugher

For years people have been moaning that Firefox keeps taking their RAM and refusing to give it back, well now it appears that Chrome suffers from a similar problem.

Imagination claims new approach to security
Published in News
20 May 2015


Omnishield is not CPU centric

Imagination claims to have come up with a different sort of security system which it says is not CPU centric.