Symantec profit drops
Published in News
15 May 2015

Consumers don't want it

Antivirus and security software maker Symantec saw its quarterly profit and revenue missed what the cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street expected.

Asustek waxes lyrical on Skylake
Published in Processors
15 May 2015

Loves Windows 10 too

There is a glorious new world coming with Intel's Skylake and Windows 10, according to Asustek.

Lenovo wants MSI's gaming notebooks
Published in Notebooks
15 May 2015

Hardware empire building

Lenovo wants to write a cheque to buy MSI's successful gaming notebooks business,

Xiaomi accessory push is getting out of control
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15 May 2015

Chinese giant has a lot of fans, literally

When Xiaomi announced plans to launch accessories shops in western markets, we assumed the Chinese giant would focus on smartphone kit. However, since then, the company has gone into overdrive to launch loads of cool looking and quite odd hardware. 

Qualcomm has 40 automotive modem designs
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15 May 2015

President Derek Aberle confirms

Qualcomm had an IoT event in San Francisco yesterday and the company wanted to talk a bit more about IoT, also known as Internet of Things. They started off with a catchy phrase - Internet of Hype to Internet of Everything. 

G.Skill announces new Ripjaws 4 DDR4-3666 memory kit
Published in Memory
14 May 2015

With Samsung 4Gb IC chips

G.Skill has announced its latest and highest frequency Ripjaws 4 DDR4 kit working at 3666MHz.

IBM trips the light fantastic
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14 May 2015

IBM shows off integrated Photonics chip

Biggish Blue has been showing off what it claims to be the world's first fully integrated wavelength multiplexed silicon photonics chip.

Waiting for Hadoop could be waiting for Godot
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14 May 2015

Gartner warns

Gartner has said that Big Data framework Hadoop will not make any serious impact for at least two years.

PS4 wide open to software pirates
Published in Games
14 May 2015

Brazilian exploit

Hackers from Brazil have managed to discover a new exploit for the PS4 which enables them to bypass the DRM on any software and games.


AMD bundles GTA 5 and DiRT Rally with Radeon 200 series
Published in Graphics
14 May 2015

Select graphics card already bundled on

With Nvidia launching its newest game bundle, it is time for AMD to up the ante by bundling some of its Radeon 200 series graphics cards with Grand Theft Auto 5 and DiRT Rally games.