Nvidia announces Max-Q technology for gaming notebooks
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Gaming-class performance inside premium ultrabook designs

On Tuesday, Nvidia announced a new design approach for gaming laptops that will enable a generation of quieter, thinner, and faster products equipped with GTX 1080 graphics beginning June 27th.

Woz admits Apple’s innovation days are over
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It is too big to do anything useful

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has said that Apple’s days of coming up with anything are gone.

Western Digital gets allies for Toshiba chip buy
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Still fighting for a load of old Tosh

Western Digital may join a consortium of Japanese government money and KKR & Co LP to bid for Toshiba's chip unit.

Surface Pro copied Apple too much
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Not the design –  the gouging of users

While Microsoft makes a Surface Pro which is far better than Apple products, the software giant has copied Jobs’ Mob’s marketing and price gouging antics.

Encrypting pages keeps government spooks out
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Wikipedia found to be a useful HTTPS case study,

Harvard researchers found fewer instances of government Wikipedia censorship after the site started encrypting all of its traffic.

AI might kill off programming
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Danes come up with source code creators

A new neural network being built by a Danish startup called UIzard Technologies IVS has created an application that can transform raw Gui designs into source code that can be used to build them.

ARM releases new designs
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Cortex-A75 and the midrange power efficient Cortex-A55

ARM is announcing a new generation of ARM CPUs and GPUs.

No Zenfone at Computex
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Zen goes back to its PC roots

Asus surprised observers by not releasing a new ZenFone to be seen at Computex and only showed off four new notebooks.

Samsung sings stand by your NAND
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Plans more expansion in China

Samsung  is considering adding NAND memory chip production capacity at its manufacturing base in China.

Lenovo aims at the high end
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Because no one has thought of that

After Lenovo received a kicking off of its position of the world's third largest mobile phone maker following its acquisition of Motorola three years ago, it is hoping that getting into the high end will save its bacon.