Charge your phone with your morning coffee
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A teenager’s invention

A 18 year-old has come up with the perfect method of charging your phone – using your morning coffee.

Nvidia loses out in court cases
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Should not have really tried it

Nvidia is probably regretting its moves to turn into a patent troll last year as they appear to have backfired terribly.

Cable dying
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24 December 2015

Cable dying

Kids of today switch it off

The glory days of cable and satellite telly is slowly drawing to a close, according to a new survey.

Gates, Hawking, Musk are Luddites of 2016
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Award nominations

Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking have been nominated for the "Luddite of the year" award by a US think tank over their fears of artificial intelligence (AI).

AMD confirms dual-GPU Gemini graphics card delay
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Wants to align it with VR headsets

We already wrote that AMD has delayed its dual-GPU Fiji-based graphics card, codename Gemini, from its earlier late 2015 launch date, AMD has now confirmed it, adding VR headsets late launch as the reason behind the delay.

Apple security allows App pirates to make dosh
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Trickledown effect

A feature in Apple's iTunes approval process is allowing pirates to download free versions of paid iPhone apps.

Blackberry plans second privy
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Another Andorid phone coming out next year

Blackberry has releasing a second version of the Android-based Priv smartphone next year having decided that people are drawn to appliances that sound like they should be connected to toilets [worked for Nintendo.ed] .

EK Water Blocks unveils new Asus Maximus VIII Extreme Monoblock
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The EK-FB ASUS M8E Monoblock

After releasing a liquid cooling monoblock for the small Asus ROG Maximus VIII Impact motherboard, EK Water Blocks has now launched a new all-in-one monoblock meant to be used with the Asus' flagship Intel Z170-based Republic of Gamers Maximus VIII Extreme motherboard, the EK-FB ASUS M8E Monoblock.

Wearables to get bigger next year
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Up to 111.1 million units next year

The beancounters at IDC have added up all the numbers and divided by their shoe size and come up with the conclusion that next year the wearable device market will see continued growth.

TSMC buys more gear
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Expansion in the works

TSMC appears to be planning another huge chip exansion and written cheques to the value of $700 million on semiconductor capital equipment in recent weeks.