Tablet fad continues to die
Published in Mobiles
03 February 2015

Game changer... yeah right

The keyboardless netbooks once touted by the Tame Apple Press as game changing, continue their death spiral of doom as the fad dries up.

Samsung Galaxy 6 comes on March 1
Published in Mobiles
03 February 2015

A day before MWC 2015

HTC has sent invitations to its pre MWC 2015 event and it is expected that HTC will release at least one, maybe two flagship phones.  If we are lucky the company will tell us how 2015's phones will look like after its refresh. 

Lenovo has better than expected results
Published in News
03 February 2015

Surprises Wall Street

The cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street have been seen clutching the holes where their hearts should be after Lenovo defied their will and made more money than they expected.

Seagate Archive HDD v2 8TB ships soon
Published in Memory
03 February 2015

Seagate's Biggest desktop drive 

Back in December Seagate announced what it dubbed the biggest desktop hard drive to date.  The Seagate Archive HDD v2 8TB is bigger than the competition and it doesn’t cost arm or leg.


BenQ asks $580.99 for 24 inch monitor
Published in Graphics
03 February 2015

Reality check needed

BenQ  is having problems with reality. We were happy to see yet another G-Sync capable monitor shipping but we were shocked by the price of it. 

Skylake chipset supports three M.2 / PCIe SSDs
Published in Motherboards
03 February 2015

Coming this year

For those who came in late, Intel has a Tick - Tock strategy happening for the last few years, although lately there has been more tocking than ticking.

Apple has security concerns about Watch
Published in Wearables
02 February 2015

May elect to install special safes in Apple Stores

Apple is said to have some security concerns about the new Apple Watch. The new gold Apple Watch could sell for as much as $5K and up and that isn't small money at all.

Raspberry Pi 2 will run Windows 10
Published in Mobiles
02 February 2015

Quad-core microcomputer costs $35

A new Raspberry Pi 2 is coming that is based on a 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex A7 processor with 1GB of RAM and it will run Windows 10, all for $35.

No jets or tanks in Hardline
Published in Games
02 February 2015

Maybe later in DLC if it makes sense

Battlefield Hardline is fast and different from previous Battlefield releases, so you will not be finding any tanks or jets in it according to the developers at Visceral.

Real skier takes on virtual reality gamers
Published in News
02 February 2015

Only one will get frostbite

A professional skier will battle against two online gamers in the world's first interactive 'mixed reality' downhill ski race using technology pioneered by European researchers.