G.Skill announces new DDR4 128GB memory kit
Published in Memory
24 April 2015

Claims world's fastest 128GB DDR4 kit

G.Skill has unveiled its newest DDR4 128GB memory kit with 2800MHz frequency, which also allow it to claim the world's fastest DDR4 128GB memory kit, the new G.Skill Ripjaws 4 128GB kit.

Acer working on Predator gaming tablet
Published in Notebooks
24 April 2015

Part of the new Predator gaming lineup

Acer is definitely on a roll, revealing plenty of new products, including new notebooks, desktops, tablets and monitors, but what especially caught our eye is the new Predator gaming tablet.

Lenovo's K80 smartphone spotted with 4GB of memory
Published in Mobiles
24 April 2015

5.5-inch Full HD display and Intel Atom SoC

While ASUS Zenfone 2 might be the first smartphone with 4GB of RAM, Lenovo's newest K80 5.5-inch smartphone follows the sane design approach, sporting an Intel SoC and plenty of RAM.

Acer announces first curved monitor with Nvidia G-Sync
Published in Graphics
24 April 2015

34-inch ultra-wide QHD XR341CKA monitor

Acer has unveiled its newest 34-inch QHD curved ultra-wide monitor with support for Nvidia G-Sync technology, the Acer XR341CKA.

Iranian cyberwar is a US right wing myth
Published in News
24 April 2015

Which is a female moth

Claims that Iran has been conducting a cyberwar against the United States have been greatly exaggerated by US conservatives.

Microsoft brings key feature back for Windows 10
Published in News
24 April 2015

The most important one

Microsoft has done a significant u-turn and bought back one of the most popular Windows features for Windows 10.

Acer wants to be the last of the PC companies
Published in Notebooks
24 April 2015

Vying for title of dodo of the 21st century

Acer is aiming to be one the of the last surviving PC makers in the world, its boss appropriately told hacks at new World Trade Centre in lower Manhattan.

Batman: Arkham Knight system requirements revealed
Published in Games
24 April 2015

Quite a demanding game

While the new Batman: Arkham Knight game is scheduled to launch in June, Nvidia has now released minimum, recommended and ultra PC system requirements for the game.

Groupon refuses to pay out on virus bounty
Published in News
24 April 2015

Bounty hunter a little miffed

Discount and deal site Groupon has a novel way of dealing with bounty hunters who point out security flaws in its systems. It lets them discover the flaws and refuses to pay up.

Apple Watch gutted open by iFixit
Published in Wearables
24 April 2015

Model 1553 has S1 chip beneath the plastic

Apple is officially starting to ship to pre-orders and if you are one of the early adopters your Apple Watch might be in the mail as we speak.