Google uses latest EU Intel court ruling as basis for antitrust appeal
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US companies must not pay for their anti-trust antics 

As might be expected, the EU court ruling which could be seen as favourable to Intel has lead to an appeal by Google.

VW pledges to be all electric by 2030
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German outfit wants to be the leader

In a move which will see it never have to face another emissions scandal,  Adolf Hitler’s favourite car company has announced it will be all electric by 2030.

Equifax used Custers' defence for data breach
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Blame the Apache

The mainstream press has been claiming that open source software is to blame for the Equifax data breach but it is starting to look like it might not know what it is talking about.

Xiaomi unveils the flagship Mi Mix 2 smartphone
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Smaller 18:9 screen and Snapdragon 835 SoC

Just a day ahead of Apple's big unveil, Xiaomi has decided to launch a plethora of new products including the flagship bezel-less Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 smartphone with 5.99-inch FHD+ screen and Snapdragon 835 SoC.

Google about to buy all or part of HTC
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Rumours gaining traction 

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn that Google is in the final stages of acquiring all or part of smartphone maker HTC.

EU countries likely to target big US tech
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C’mon you bastards, pay your tax like everyone else

France, Germany, Italy and Spain are expected to get tough with big US tech by demanding that they be taxed in Europe based on their revenues, rather than only profits.

New Note 8 sets pre-order record
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Tame Apple Press rather upset

Despite its best efforts to remind users about the incredibly inflammable Note 7, the Tame Apple Press has been unable to stop Note 8 pre-orders from hitting record levels.

Toshiba might score a windfall from its memory chip sale
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Price of sale goes up to $22.3 billion

It is starting to look like Toshiba might collect more money from the sale of its memory chip business than it expected.

Chinese not impressed with iPhone plans
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You want us to pay what?

Apple might be running aground in its key Chinese market by offering an iPhone which no one can afford.

Intel kills WiGig
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Gee Wiz

In  what is becoming a long list of what Intel is giving up on is its WiGig 60GHz 802.11ad  controllers and antennas.