Intel IDF 2015 to take place on August 18th
Published in Processors
30 June 2015

Expect Skylake and more

It has been a public secret that Intel was planning to pull in the Intel Developers Forum to August 2015. 

Cortana on Windows 10 will affect battery life
Published in Notebooks
30 June 2015

Notebooks affected

It is just over a month until Microsoft introduces Windows 10, and as you should know by now, Cortana is one of the key elements of the new OS. 

Software APIs eligible for trollage
Published in News
29 June 2015

Because the US courts are ignorant

The Software industry is in big trouble after the US Supreme Court did not step into Oracle's battle with Google over whether APIs were copyrightable.

Samsung flogs a million Tizen phones
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29 June 2015

Z1 does well in India

Samsung is jolly impressed with the sales generated by its mobile phone armed with its operating system that sounds like a sneeze.

Microsoft might have lost millions on smartphones
Published in Mobiles
29 June 2015

Didn't do as well as expected

Microsoft might be getting ready to launch Windows 10 Mobile later in the year, with new devices and flagships, but it might have to write off millions on mobile deals that did not go so well.

Mlais M7 review: Lots of Lollipop on a budget
Published in Reviews
29 June 2015

Compact quasi-flagship phablet

The Mlais M7 is another value phablet based on a very familiar recipe – 5.5-inch screen, MediaTek octa-core, 13-megapixel camera and a killer price tag. 

Nvidia Quadros out in August
Published in Graphics
29 June 2015

Leak is in the driver

Nvidia appears to be readying new members of its professional Quadro range of graphics cards in time for the August SIGGRAPH 2015 event.

Cisco fixes  three security holes
Published in News
29 June 2015

Allow US government snooping

Cisco has released a security advisory warning of SSH problems in three of its enterprise products which sound to us like a jolly good way for US spooks to snuffle corporate data.

AMD eyes China
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29 June 2015

Might save its bacon

Fabless chipmaker AMD is hoping that it might be able to push into China.

Was Apple's Taylor Swift fiasco a clever conspiracy?
Published in News
29 June 2015

Independent hints of dirty deeds done dirt cheap

Apple's new streaming service went live on Tuesday after Apple appeared to stuff up the launch completely.