Microsoft putting Wi-Fi into Office 365
Published in Mobiles
03 June 2015

Rebadged Skype Wi-Fi to Microsoft Wi-Fi

Microsoft is making some sweeping changes to its wi-fi set ups.

Microdia stuffs 512GB onto a microSD card
Published in News
03 June 2015

Twice what else is out there

Microdia has been showing the good people of Computex a microSD card which has twice the memory that SanDisk announced back at Mobile World Congress.

ASRocks into Braswell
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03 June 2015


ASRock has got into the NUC market with a series of Intel Atom Braswell SoC based machines which it says are quiet as mice and have updated features.


Gamestop buys ThinkGeek
Published in News
03 June 2015

Made it an offer it could not refuse

Last week it was reported how Geeknet Inc. was in the process of being bought out by retailer Hot Topic for $16 a share or $37 million in cash.

Tim Cook slams rivals over privacy
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03 June 2015

We would never spy on our users

Apple CEO Tim Cook has slammed his Silicon Valley chums of selling out their users and customers to the NSA and advertisers.

Dell replaces XPS 13
Published in Notebooks
03 June 2015

XPS 15 might be lucky for some

While Dell is refusing to mention anything about its replacement for the XPS 13, the XPS15 has been getting a lot of attention at Computex Taipei.

Qualcomm and Allwinner teaming up for LTE tablets
Published in Processors
03 June 2015

Another Chinese marriage of convenience

Chipmakers Qualcomm and Allwinner are teaming up to develop and market affordable LTE tablet platforms for the Chinese market.

New Moto phones and Moto 360 successor coming soon
Published in Wearables
03 June 2015


Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanquing has confirmed that several new Motorola devices are on the way, including a new flagship phone and smartwatch. 

Rumours dog Samsung S6
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03 June 2015

Is this a tin foil hat job?

The dark satanic rumour mill continues to manufacture yarns about doom for the Samsung's Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.

MSI teams up with Corsair for GTX 980 Ti Watercooled
Published in Graphics
03 June 2015

Coming in August

MSI has unveiled plenty of new products during its keynote at Computex 2015, and the company has teamed up with Corsair for its upcoming GTX 980 Ti water cooled graphics card.