Sega to restructure
Published in Games
02 February 2015

Jobs will be cut as part of the process

It is never good when we talk about jobs being cut here at Fudzilla. This time we hear that Sega will slash jobs as part of a restructuring effort.

LG G4 smartphone could feature 3K display
Published in Mobiles
30 January 2015

With 2880x1620 resolution and 600ppi

The upcoming LG G4 smartphone could end up to be the highest resolution smartphone so far, at least if the latest leak turns out to be true.

Windows 10 gets Cortana, new Start menu
Published in News
30 January 2015

New Preview Release 9926 tested

After Windows 8's lack of success and Windows 8.1 being a bandaid on a slit throat, Microsoft seems to have come back with something rather good for Windows 10.. 

Swedish company installs mark of the beast in workers
Published in News
30 January 2015

Better than ID companies

 From the land which makes flat pack furniture, whose instructions defy the laws of physics, Sweden, comes the news that a new office block is implanting the workers inside of it with computer chips under their skin, instead of issuing them with ID cards.

Intel Wireless Dock in action
Published in Notebooks
30 January 2015

Small box makes work easier

Part of the Intel's 5th generation Core vPro announcement was its Intel Wireless Docking technology. 

AMD dances on Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 970 grave
Published in Graphics
30 January 2015

Drops prices of rival chip

It seems that AMD is having a laugh at Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 970 graphics chip woes. 

Broadcom broadly booming
Published in News
30 January 2015

A bit like Brian Blessed

Broadcom shocked the cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street by posting fourth-quarter results on Thursday that were better than expected.

Microsoft Office comes to iOS
Published in News
30 January 2015

Out of preview

Software giant Microsoft has pulled Office for iOS tablets out of its preview state, and made it a full service for Apple fanboys who need proper software.

MediaTek officially launched MT6753 octa-core
Published in Mobiles
30 January 2015

Eight Cortex-A53 and CDMA for China

MediaTek is definitely shaping up to become a serious competitor in the smartphone SoC market. The company started the octa-core thing last year, with a frugal Cortex-A7 chip and in 2015 most players are following with big.LITTLE chips.

Intel brings out 5th Gen Intel Core vPro
Published in Processors
30 January 2015

World without wires vision

Intel yesterday announced its 5th Gen Intel Core vPro as part of a vision of an office without wires.