Chaos makes fingerprints out of photos
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29 December 2014

Another hack

Chaos Computer Club claims it can reproduce your fingerprints from a couple of photos that show your fingers.

Xbox and Playstation were finished off by Lizards
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29 December 2014

Finn end of the wedge

F-Secure, has confirmed to the Finnish media that one of the hackers who brought down the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live services on Christmas Day is based in Finland.

Sony pirates when it suits
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29 December 2014

Interview even a bigger disaster

Sony executives are probably really regretting the Interview flick which is proving to be an absolute disaster.

China says no to Gmail
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29 December 2014

Limited access

Chinese authorities are limiting local access to Google services including Gmail.

Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H-BK Black Edition
Published in Reviews
29 December 2014

Review: Intel Z97 Express chipset in Black Edition

The Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H-BK Black Edition delivers an excellent out-of-the box user experience which comes as no surprise.

Nvidia GTX 960 launch date pinned down
Published in Graphics
29 December 2014

Post-CES launch slated for January 22

Nvidia is expected to launch the mid-range Geforce GTX 960 next month.

The Interview is a massive hit on torrent sites
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26 December 2014

North Korea was right – it’s a terrible movie

Sony Entertainment decided to release The Interview yesterday, pushing it out on several online platforms in North America. As expected, the movie quickly ended up on torrent sites.

Demand for 4K/UHD TVs to go through the roof
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26 December 2014

FutureSource predicts 72% CAGR

Demand for ultra-high definition (UDH or 4K) television sets is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 72% thru 2018.

Intel investing $550m in Israel fab
Published in Processors
26 December 2014

Kiryat Gat goes 10nm

Intel is investing a further $550 million in Israel, more specifically in the upgrade of its Fab 28 in Kiryat Gat.

Meizu MX4 scores 51356 in AnTuTu
Published in Mobiles
25 December 2014

MediaTek MT6595 octa-core inside

We had a chance to play with a phone that’s relatively uncommon in the western hemisphere. We are so focused on iPhone, Galaxy phones, Motorola, HTC and LG high-end phones that we don’t get to see Xiaomi and Meizu, both Chinese mobile phone manufacturers coming with very fast phones.