Chrome to be lighter on RAM
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Heavy shoppers might be able to multi-task

Heavy users of Chrome might actually be able to do something else on their high powered PCs and not find that their browser had eaten all their RAM with a side order of other systems resources.

First Imax VR centre opens in Manchester
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It could be the next big thing

Big-screen cinema specialist Imax, along with Odeon & UCI, are to launch the first Imax VR centre in Europe.

Internet smut watchers more likely to be religious
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You need to sin to have more for Jesus to forgive

A new study shows that Americans who regularly watch internet smut are more likely to be religious than those who have an occasional peek.

Samsung releases 14nm Finfet wearable chip
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Exynos 7 Dual 7270

Samsung has begun mass production of the Exynos 7 Dual 7270 which is being billed as the “world’s first” mobile processor designed for wearable devices that is built on the 14-nanometer FinFET process technology.

Pegatron scores Microsoft Surface PC contract
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Two-in-One and notebooks

Word on the street is that Microsoft's partner on its next-generation Surface Pro series 2-in-1 and notebook products including the Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2 and new Surface-brand desktops (which are likely all-in-one PCs) will be Pegatron.

Samsung Note 7 recall recalled
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Not-so magnificant seven going to cost billions

Samsung appears to have made a pig’s ear of its Galaxy Note 7 recall and is ordering its resellers to stop sales and exchanges of the device pending investigation into the latest incidents.

Google hires world's worst gag writers to train AI
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What is the deal with bridges?

Google has decided that its new AI Home assistant needs to have a sense of humour, but unfortunately it thinks that the best people to teach it are some of the least funny people in America.

Oculus VR gets sound
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Next level audio integration

Oculus VR has introduced new Oculus Earphones which it claims will give "next-level audio integration".

HTC sees growth back
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Desire 10 doing well

HTC which has had little good cheer for a while has seen its revenues for September grew 41.8 per cent  on month to a 15-month high of $297.12 million.

MediaTek plans Indian expansion
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Leaning on the next big thing

Now that the Chinese smartphone market has become saturated, telco makers are trying to jump through all the hoops the Indian government is setting up so they can set up shop there.