Lenovo celebrates Thinkpad by going back in time
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Retro Thinkpad with a T470 guts

It looks like Lenovo is preparing for the Thinkpad’s 25th anniversary by releasing a retro version with a contemporary T470’s insides.

Former Apple worker admits the touch-bar was pointless
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Jobs’ Mob suckered users with pointless technology 

Chuq Von Rospach, a former Apple employee and commentator, has slammed the MacBook maker for forcing consumers to pay extra for the Touch which gave them practically nothing.

Ancient Babylonian tablet more accurate than Apple’s
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The game changer which disappeared from human records

A game changing Ancient Babylonian tablet runs an advanced form of trigonometry which is more accurate than the system used today – it also does not require a battery.

Ten gold mini-PCs sell for a million dollars each
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Always believe in your soul, you have the power to know, you’re indestructible

While Apple might believe it holds the monopoly on stupid clients with more money than sense, it seems that the crown for the rich and stupid goes to the clients of a company which makes gold computers.

Lenovo posts surprise loss
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Higher costs and parts shortages 

Thinkpad maker Lenovo warned of higher costs and margin pressure due to shortages of components like memory chips, as it posted its first quarterly loss in almost two years.