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Scythe Setsugen 2 shows off (updated) - Conclusion

Written by Eliot Kucharik
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Review: Latest Scythe VGA-Cooler with superb potential  


We'll start with the cons - we don't like the fan controller. There is no reason whatsoever that makes sense for such a move. In future versions we would like to see adapters for the graphics-card fan-connectors. Also, the installation of the cooler is fiddly and to have stud bolts with screw nuts as the first Setsugen had would have made installation much easier. Furthermore, the installation instruction sheet is a joke with such small letters that you may have to use a magnifying glass. A small CD with a real manual would be the better choice. Due to the size of the cooler with its rather unusual design, you'll need a case which offers 5cm space to the door otherwise the cooler won't fit. That's a down compared to the first Setsugen which fit in any case.

However, and we really do love those "howevers", once you have installed the cooler the results speak for themselves. HD6870 is a midrange card roughly as fast as the older HD5850 and with the TDP slashed by 20W, but even the lowest fan settings on Setsugen 2 offer sufficient and inaudible cooling. The product is certified to cool anything up to GTX 470 series. You may even install it on GTX 480/580 cards, but the VRM portion is located on the left side of the card, so you need to cool that seperately. The installation on a HD6970 should be possible because the fan will cover the VRM portion, although you may need to improvise with the heatsinks and set a higher fan-speed. Even at 1000rpm or with any 25mm fan running at similar speed - the cooler stays very quiet.

The cooler will be released in Europe and USA on December 3rd and should retail about €35,- to €40,- which is not cheap but justified. The first listings have appeared and you can check them out here.

There are a few quirks, yes, but actual performance is flawless. So, if you want impressive cooling without the common noise, then Fudzilla Recommended Scythe Setsugen 2 should definitely be among the first on your list.




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