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Sapphire HD 6850 reviewed - 10. Overclocking; Thermals; Noise; Consumption

Written by Sanjin Rados

Review: Good performance at a tempting price


TriXXX allowed us to boost GPU voltage to 1299mV, which helped in pushing the GPU all the way up to 985MHz. We were pretty surprised by the overclock we've achieved since most HD 6850 cards refused to run higher than 950MHz. However, note that overclocking results may vary from card to card and there is a realistic posibility that we've struck lucky. Overclocking helped us achieve up to 22% better results in Aliens vs Predator.



Sapphire HD 6850 will run quiet where GPU temperatures didn't exceed 69°C. Not even overclocking managed to push the temperatures beyond 76°C and the fan didn't run to loud either.



Power Consumption

Sapphire's HD 6850 consumes around 15W when idle, which is comparable with the green camp’s GTX 460. During operation, HD 6850's maximum consumption was about 25W less than on the GTX 460 1GB.

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