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Gainward GTX 560 Ti Phantom 1GB tested

by on01 February 2011




By launching the GTX 560 Ti, Nvidia finally sent the GTX 470 to its resting grounds. GTX 560 Ti is efficient, packs a mean punch and we believe it will do well, at least for one season.

Good thermals and overclocking potential caught an eye of many a partner and many of them have launched special versions of the card on day one. One model is definitely leading the pack for now – Gainward’s GTX 560 Ti Phantom. As the name suggests, it is a card from Gainward’s Phantom family, which as of now has three cards – GTX 580, GTX 570 and GTX 560 Ti. All three of these cards come with Phantom cooling, which is efficient and quiet.

GTX 560 Ti Phantom can beat the HD 6950 2GB in some games, provided you are gaming up to 1920x1600. As soon as you switch to 2560x1600, you’ll see the HD 6950 2GB reclaim the pole position. All in all, GTX 560 Ti’s price/performance ratio is pretty good and Gainward’s Phantom version is not much pricier than the reference card. Gainward’s virtually inaudible cooling would surely justify the higher price, and you can find the card here at €233, here. The card also comes with full size HDMI, which many will appreciate, and it is also 4cm shorter compared to the reference design.

In short - Gainward’s GTX 560 Ti Phantom offers gaming at all resolutions, it won’t cause power-bill headache and the card remains silent regardless of the workload.



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Last modified on 25 March 2011
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