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Point of View / TGT GTX 570 Beast reviewed

by on22 February 2011



Point of View / TGT continued with its tradition and bestowed its Beast treatment onto the GTX 570 cards. We say cards because TGT offers two versions of its GTX 570 Beast – an air cooled one and a water cooled one.

We tested the air-cooled one, which runs at 841MHz for the GPU and 3960MHz (effectively) for the GDDR5 memory just like the water cooled one. The 109MHz factory overclocking comes with a warranty but at a slightly higher price as well. The card is available, here, at €360, which is about €70 higher than the most affordable GTX 570 cards. However, €360 is still attractive considering the fact that GTX 570 Beast cost about €420 about a month ago.

Beast has thus practically become synonymous with the fastest factory overclocks. GTX 570 runs at 841/1682/1980 MHz, whereas reference clocks are 732/1646/1900 MHZ.

The GTX 570 Beast we tested uses Nvidia’s reference cooling. Despite the high overclock, reference cooling does a good job in keeping temperatures below 90°C. Of course, the Beast isn’t as quiet as the reference GTX 570, but overall we really liked what we saw. The cooler can be clearly heard during intensive operation, but it’s not too loud. However, the overclock resulted in higher consumption and you should know that the GTX 570 Beast will can draw more than the GTX 580.

With extraordinary performance displayed by the GTX 570 Beast, it definitely deserves the title of the fastest factory overclocked GTX 570. If you’ve developed a taste for factory overclocked cards with only the crème of the crop GPUs, then Point of View / TGT’s GTX 570 Beast card is a safe bet.

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Last modified on 22 February 2011
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