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Cooltek K3 Evolution - USB 3.0 computer case tested

by on08 July 2011


The case is made of 0.6mm steel and although it may seem fragile, we’re still pretty happy with it, not least after considering it goes for €40. Side panels can be bent easily once removed but when the case is locked and loaded, it’s very tough. As you can see, the case is painted black inside and outside, which is a feature we’re more used to seeing with high-end cases. We tried to pick hairs but we couldn’t find any when it comes to finishing touches – edges and notches are smooth in order to prevent cuts during mounting.


The K3 Evolution is a case that can hold ATX motherboards. It’s not designed with full flexibility in mind as the HDD cage is fixed.

The case has two tool-less mechanisms for locking optical drives and two tool-less mechanisms for HDDs. Of course, Cooltek did their best to knock the price down and besides, most regular users don’t use more than two drives.

The HDD cage can hold five 3.5" drives whereas the sixth 3.5" drive can be put into the 5.25" bay.


The thick black cables you see on the picture below belong to USB 3.0 connectors. Naturally, they must be connected to your motherboard’s external connectors, provided your motherboard has one. The cables can be routed through an empty slot or through water cooling holes.


Cabling can’t be routed behind the motherboard tray because there isn’t enough room. The motherboard tray has a large CPU backplate cutout.


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