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Nvidia announces new mobile GPUs

by on30 July 2008


Hopefully, these won't be faulty

has been in hot water over its mobile GPUs recently. Several notebook vendors have issued BIOS fixes for Nvidia mobile GPUs, which had a tendency to die for no apparent reason whatsoever.

The issue had been known to vendors since last year, but Nvidia acknowledged it less than a month ago. Still reeling from the FUD and bad press, the company has launched two new series of mobile GPUs along with its desktop parts.

The 9800M comes in three flavors, GeForce 9800M GTX, GeForce 9800M GTS, and GeForce 9800 GT. The GeForce 9700M comes in GTS and GT flavors. They all feature SLI support, PhysX, Hybrid SLI and support MXM3.0. We already wrote about the specs here.

Nvidia claims more than 20 notebook manufacturers will use the new chips. Let's hope they don't end up issuing BIOS fixes and recall notices this time around.

Last modified on 31 July 2008
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