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Acitivision announces new ?Shrek? game

by on28 August 2007

Just in time for the holiday season

In case you haven’t seen enough of green ogres and heard enough snide donkey jokes to last you a few years, the makers of Nintendo DS have announced that they will be releasing a new “Shrek” video game. 

Known as “Shrek: Ogres and Dronkeys”, the game is based on the offspring of the main characters in the Shrek movie; the Ogres are the children of Fiona and Shrek, while the Dronkeys are the children of Donkey and Dragon. 

The game is rated “E” for everyone of all ages and will be available for holiday purchasing.

Let's hope that the video game gets a better review then Shrek 3 did.



Last modified on 28 August 2007
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