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Nvidia's 40nm mobile GPU lineup for 2009 revealed

by on05 January 2009


New naming schemes

Nvidia has
just released details for its upcoming 2009 mobile GPU lineup which will be almost entirely developed on the 40 nanometer fabrication process. The new naming schemes will be fundamentally different from previous generations, as the company assumes it can make the consumer's life easier by rebranding or renaming its products (see: ridiculous).

On a further note, Nvidia is going to name their mobile GPUs as N10x this year and the confusion begins with the fact that they could either be G9x based or GT21x based.  In the first half of the year, nearly all the G9x based mobile GPUs on the 65nm fabrication will transition to 55nm and will be denoted by the suffix "1" behind their codenames. However, the one exception will be the mainstream N10M GE1 which remains on 65nm.

More interestingly, it seems that the prefix pattern in Nvidia's new desktop product naming scheme will be followed in its mobile GPU lineup. The products will be launched as GeForce GTX 180M/170M, GTS 160M, GT 130M/120M, and G 110M/105M.

In the second half of the year, the mobile GPUs will transition entirely to the 40 nanometer fabrication and will be based on the upcoming GT21x architecture.  In the Enthusiast lineup, the top end product SKU will be a GTX card with the 40nm N10E which is based on GT212 architecture. In addition, the rest of the Enthusiast product range will be prefixed as GT, GS, and GE and will be based on GT215 architecture.

Additionally, the Performance segment cards will contain the prefixes GS, NS, GE, and GLM and will be powered by the 40nm N10P based on GT216 architecture. Finally, the Mainstream segment cards will contain the prefixes GS and GE and will be powered by the 40nm N10M based on GT218 architecture.

VR-Zone has published a table of Nvidia's mobile GPU lineup for 2009 which can be found here.
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