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Google announces it will host news wire stories

by on01 September 2007


Too much expansion, too soon?

Google, Inc
. has announced that it will host complete articles from news wire services on its Google News Web site pages. After some controversy and threatened litigation by Agence France Presse, and also reportedly the Associated Press, Google entered has entered into license agreements with both; and also the U.K. Press Association and the Canadian Press and their wire services to provide wire service content in its Google News pages.

This will provide much wider access to the original news stories and Google news readers will be able to access these stories directly from the Google News. Google also announced what it calls “duplicate detection,” a feature in place for the four wire press associations it has license agreements with, which identifies the original story on its News page or its source for syndicated stories so that readers can read the original news feature.

Our only concern with Google is that it seems to be trying to be all things to all people and may be biting off more than it can handle. Google’s expertise has been in Web content and information research.

With Google now hosting news wire stories and its rumored expansion into manufacturing its own cell phones and bidding on millions of dollars worth of 700MHz spectrum, we wonder if Google is spreading itself too thin with so much diversification. Then again, if we had as much cash as Google has we might think the sky was the limit, too.

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