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SatNav toothbrush technology too far

by on03 September 2007


£140 to find your teeth for you


Oral-B are about to flog a £140 toothbrush that uses SatNav technology that tells you how much of your teeth you have cleaned.

Triumph SmartGuide sends details of its exact location to a plugged in base station.

It then shows you on an LCD screen which area of your mouth has been cleaned and a clock tells you how long you have left to brush.

It has lots of different settings for sensitive teeth, gum massage or polishing - and changes its directions with the wind.

A dentist hired by Oral-B said that the SmartGuide can help you to cleaner teeth by "taking the guesswork out of dental care" athough how
much guess work is involved in brushing your teeth we can't be certain.

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