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70% of US Xbox 360 owners unaware of HD

by on03 September 2007
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60% of PS3 owners

This strikes us as slightly odd, but according to, a firm called NPD has done some research in the US of HD awareness of nextgen console owners and the numbers are quite surpirsing.

Aparently only some 30 percent of US Xbox 360 owners are aware that their console supports HD. The PS3 owners are slightly better with 40 percent awareness, but only half of those have used their PS3 to play a Blu-ray disc at least one of the last ten times they used their console.

So the question here is, is it a lack of interest or is it a lack of education and knowlege? It could also be that people haven't invested in HD TV sets, as large screen rear projection TVs was much more popular in the US than Europe and this could be one reason.

None the less, it goes to show that HD isn't the major selling point for either of these new consoles and might help explain why the Nintendo DS is doing so well even though it lacks HD graphics.

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