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Vista sales better than expected

by on27 March 2007


20 million copies in the first month


Microsoft Corp. said on Monday that the total sales of the new Windows Vista have went over 20 million licenses sold in the first month.

These results are showing that Vista is selling as twice as fast as the old XP which sold 17 million copies in the first two months.

A lot of the people fell for the sexy looks of Aero Glass and we can not blame them it does look cool indeed. We already told that Vista will be successful as the end users love its looks. This is the key to get to their pockets. 

We were browsing around and trying to find Windows XP based PCs on the market. We could found only a few. We are not jumping to any conclusions, but is the lack of any (Microsoft) alternative forcing people to chose Vista when buying a new PC? Just remember when Windows XP was out, people where still buying Windows 98 based PCs for quite some time. Just a thought.


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