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Shuttle launches P35 based XPC

by on05 September 2007

The SP35P2 Pro

Shuttle has finally released its P35 based XPC and it's called SP35P2 Pro and is part of what Shuttle refers to as the Prima series. Apart from the aparent inclusion of the P35 chipset, it's using the ICH9R which adds RAID.

The motherboard is using an all solid capacitor design and Shuttle has managed to squeeze in a 400W power supply. There's a single x16 PCIe slot and a PCI slot for expansion as well as a mini card which is a laptop style PCIe x1 slot.

It has four memory slots for DDR2 memory up to 800MHz although it can do 1,066MHz in overclocked mode. Other features include dual eSATA, Gigabit Ethernet, Firewire, 7.1-channel audio, a finger print reader and Shuttle's clever USB networking technology called Speed-Link.

It supports all current and it should work with most upcoming 45nm Intel Core based CPU's up to 1,333MHz FSB. Expect to fork out in the region of €391 plus tax for one of these babies.

You can find the product page with plenty of pictures here 
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