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HP launches Blackbird 002

by on06 September 2007

It has Voodoo and Sood DNA

Rahul Sood has indicated that we could expect big things from the HP and Voodoo technology in the future, and it would appear that they are set to deliver it with the new Blackbird 002. Why 002?  It would appear that version 001 didn’t cut the mustard.

The Blackbird 002 is HP’s challenger is to compete with others in the over-the-top, high-end liquid cooled ultimate PC market space. While it is being billed as a “gaming PC,” it is much more of a performance-oriented conceptual PC that pushes the limits in design and technology.

Each Blackbird 002 is hand configured by a single technician in the expanded Voodoo factory in Calgary, Canada. From the polished solid aluminum finish to the unique case design, the Blackbird 002 is different inside and out.

All of this technology does not come cheap, and potential customers should expect to pay US$2,500 for the low-end configuration and as much as US$6,500 for the high-end ultimate dream systems.

Get a look at the Blackbird 002 here.

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