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Acer joins HD DVD advocate group

by on06 September 2007


A week after joining the Blu-Ray Disc Association
Acer officially joined the North American HD DVD Promotional Group today, just a week after joining the Blu-Ray Disc Association.

The HD DVD advocate group is fighting an uphill battle against Blu Ray, and getting the world's fourth PC vendor in their ranks might help. But Acer seems to be playing both sides of the field, since it was the first company to announce it will use both formats on its computers several moths ago.

"We are confident that our comprehensive HD DVD notebook offers will meet consumers' demand and expectation for true high definition experience," said Campbell Kan, Vice President, Mobile Computing Business Unit, Acer Inc. "I look forward to further promoting the merit of HD DVD, in close collaboration with the Group."

Acer already has a wide range of HD DVD notebooks on the market, but we have yet to see a Blu Ray drive on an Acer notebook.

According to data from Techno Systems Research, HD DVD is doing significantly better than Blu Ray on the notebook market, holding a 70% market share. The home entertainment market is another story all together.
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