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Apple TV outclassed

by on27 March 2007


Says free rival


A similar service Apple's $300 iTV can be obtained for free.

Orb Networks have released a free  MyCasting service which will allow households with gaming consoles to access digital entertainment on the home PC via their TV using the console as the bridge. 

Joe Costello, chairman and chief executive at Orb Networks said that while Apple's product is getting all the attention, his users will have a similar service for nothing. Orb MyCasting lets users access all digital entertainment stored on the home PC for viewing on any device with a streaming media player and internet connection such as other PCs, laptops, PDAs and mobile phones.  

It also works on game consoles including Microsoft's Xbox 360, Nintendo's Wii and Sony's Play Station 3.It is possible to build and organise their own 'channels' for music, photos, video, TV and documents stored on the home computer, as well as online videos from the growing source of internet TV and content sites.

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