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Transformers join the format war

by on08 September 2007


Blu Ray users spared

Our dear friends at Daily Tech have dug up an interesting HD DVD v. Blu Ray story.

Apparently, the latest format war casualty is non other than Michael Bay himself, probably one of the worst directors ever to walk the face of the Earth.

The so-called director attacked Paramount and Dreamworks for dropping Blu Ray support and going HD DVD exclusive, furiously proclaiming that he would not do a Transformers sequel. In case you were thinking of breathing a sigh of relief here, don't.

“I want people to see my movies in the best formats possible," said Bay, as if HD would make his flicks look any better. Even the Holy One would have a hard time doing that, let alone an 1080p TV.

Just hours later, Bay wrote a second message on his website saying that "he liked what he heard" and that HD DVD players will drop to $200 in the future and that he would indeed do Transformers 2. May God have mercy on his soul.

Anyhow, Paramount will release Transformers on HD DVD on October 16th, and if we are to believe Bay, a sequel will follow soon. So, in six weeks time you'll be able to enjoy Bay's latest crime against cinema in the privacy of your own home, courtesy of Paramount.

Some of you might say that cruel and unusual punishment was outlawed ages ago. Well, it's a free world out there, if one chooses to torture himself, there's really nothing we can do. The likes of Michael Bay simply weren't around when the English Bill of Rights or the Eighth Amendment were drafted.

You can read the Daily Tech piece here.

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