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Nvidia hopes AMD will come back

by on10 September 2007


So it make more money on chipsets

Nvidia's chipset division was really affected by AMD's performance in 2007. The company really hopes that Phenom will get Nvidia's chipset back in shape as Nvidia did worse than expected in this business unit.

It was not Nvidia's fault, it was AMD's fault for delaying the K10, but Nvidia certanly suffered. Nvidia now wants to shorten the time between AMD and Intel's variation of the chipset and we hope that it can succeed.  

AMD's own AMD690 chipset left a big scar in Nvidia's chipset business and at the same time AMD's upcoming RD790/780 and RX780 looks really promising and can provide some nice features such as a quad Crossfire.

As we predicted last year when AMD acquired ATI, AMD is slowly but surely considering Nvidia as a chipset competitor and Nvidia will suffer from this in the long term.
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