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Optimus keyboard still on track

by on28 March 2007


Unknown OLED supplier


 After it surfaced on CeBit with a 1,600 $ price tag, and preorder date still set on somewhere near april (that’s now), it seems that the long awaited OLED keyboard has passed the nasty problems with OLED availability. Who knows, maybe the keyboard will be available for Santa this X-mass.

As found out, the Art.Lebedev was forced to find a new OLED supplier which would give them a steady supply of OLEDs. Most of the assembly is done, but it is unknown who is the new supplier.

Optimus is proof that people are fed up with copy-pasted "look the same" hardware, and will pay a premium for a product that looks like no other.

I am still hoping that they will send one for a crash test. We still think it is an insane price for a keyboard. 

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