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Microsoft spins Vista figures

by on28 March 2007


Dell gets Vista for free

Software giant Microsoft released a statement this week that its Vista operating system was selling a lot better than XP did in its early days. Redmond has claimed 20 million Vista licenses sold in its first month in comparison to XP's 17 million in two months. We wrote about it yesterday here.

But comparisons with five years ago do not really hold water.  It sounds like Microsoft has managed to sell 20 million Vista copies in a month, when the reality is that it will have signed lots of OEM agreements to its cronies such as Dell. Dell has a huge inventory of XP stock which needs to be wiped and replaced with Vista.

Dell does not have to pay for them, it just has to return them and swap them for Vista licences.  

Then there is the small matter of changing times.  When XP came out there were far less computers on the market. Since then home use has swelled considerably. If Microsoft couldn't match XP in sales then there would be serious problems.

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