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Eurocom shows its new mobile workstations

by on26 May 2010


With Geforce GTX 480M or HD 5870 CrossfireX

Eurocom has updated its 17-inch Panther and 18.4-inch Leopard line of mobile workstation notebooks with both the new Geforce GTX 480M and the Mobility HD 5870 cards.

The 17-inch D900F Panther now features the Geforce GTX 480M and will be available in June while the X8100 Leopard will now be available with either a Geforce GTX 480M or even two Mobility Radeon HD 5870 paired in CrossfireX. The GTX 480M option adds up to US $380 to the price of the D900F Panther and X8100 Leopard, but are indeed quite an update considering that the base units feature a Geforce GTX 280M GPU.

In addition to these hardware updates, Eurocom is also preparing the Panther 2.0, a mobile workstation that wil be equipped with either dual GTX 480M in SLI or CrossfireX Mobility Radeon HD 5870s. This one will also feature either Intel Core i7 CPU or Xeon series processors.

You can find them here.


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