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Under the GX600 hood

by on14 September 2007


Notebook cracked open


We had a chance to see MSI's big hope the overclockable GX600 gaming notebook and its inner parts.

We will go left to right for you. The first picture shows the notebook cracked open and one complete one standing next to it.


The second picture shows the inside of the GX600 with some detailed explanations below.


The first big chip surrounded with four smaller black ones is Geforce Mobile8600GT and the four black chip are 512MB of memory. Above is is Intel's 802.11n wireless card and the chip next to it is 965M chipset, a the key part of Santa Rosa that brings the FSB 800 support to C2D notebooks. The chip next to it is Core 2 Duo T7300 2.0GHz dual core CPU in its socket 479 secured with a single screw and what you see above chipset is the memory, 2 GB each. 


The last picture actually shows a cooling solution for a notebook based on a heat pipe principal. The thicker pipe is the the CPU that can remove up to 45W while the thinner and longer one is for Geforce8600GT and can get rid of up to 50W.

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